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Our Brothers just up the 75 R making Noise ! Greta Van Fleet Speaks

Grammy Award-winning four-piece Greta Van Fleet are about to release their much-anticipated sophomore album on April 16, entitled The Battle at Garden’s Gate.

Thanks to Allison at Universal Music Canada, I was able to gain access and a face-to-face (virtual) interview with one of the world’s biggest rising bands.

Yes, these kids from Michigan who went from playing forest parties to bars and clubs, to stadiums in just three years now have a record which in my opinion will debut extremely high on the Billboard charts.

The interview with drummer Danny Wagner and guitar prodigy Jacob Kiszka went remarkably well for this fumbling Soo Ontario Yooper and a lot of it had to do with the respect and vibrant energy that these two had to offer.

I feel kind of privileged in a way, in the fact that in only a few hours after our Zoomer, these boys were going to be on the Jimmy Fallon show.

I do have to admit I did make a boo boo in referring to the band’s song Caravel, as Carousel.

I do confess it was as per my bad handwriting and also my love for Buckcherry and subconsciously………….well you get my drift.

Anyway, I don’t think you’ll need any prodding to get the album after watching the interview and learning about the different approach and sound this GVF piece of history has to offer.

Check out my first Zoom interview via Montreal Rocks below which is about to eclipse 10 000 views !!


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