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Who remembers White Wolf from the 80’s ??? Well in twenty years you will member these Northern boys ..

I remember being a young gaffer and the only thing that got me to school was the fear of getting yelled at lol and the anticipation of learning about the new rock bands of that day.

We got our music from Friday Night Videos’, Good Rockin’ Tonight, the Power Hour, Circus, and Hit Parader. It was a wild time.

These days there R 2  much bullshit and paid off theme bands that put their names together for the name and just the residual sales.


I have come across this band from up North in the beautiful landscape of  Marathon ON.

Lucky Side Down.

Yup…hate being on top ….who does….too much work lol….jk

Henry Deschamps  is the leader and front man and his music to be heard from our gorgeous Northern terrain.

Did motormouth Ted Nugent not take our animals from northern Ontario  for sport ? Yes he did and …well that is another story.

I have given up on trying to interview the guy who has hunted here (Canada) over the years but told Canada “”kiss my ass”) in reference to the WMD lie during the Gulf war.

I was close recently but I am sure emails went to SPAM….In all do respect…..Linda was always very polite and responsive…………until they stopped responding. I guess I am not worthy.

Anyway ….Lucky Side Down  have rocketed the charts, been signed to Bay Dream Records  and are being played all the platforms like Spotify.

They are somebody that are destined to stardommmmmmmmm….well……… Canadian stardom….

Yeah, marketing, we have a hard time selling a blanket to a freezing person on the streets in downtown TO but greatness will prevail.

Do not read into that ….yeah I know they may not have money, but you should get point.

I will be working to get these talented Canucks more visual as they have already been singed and are working on new material. Covid has killed many things….but not dreams and talent.

How about Lucky Side Down opening up for British Lion or Coney Hatch?

I hear that both of those bands might me wanting to tour Canada in 2022…..No contract ….just word of mouth.



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