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Take Me Down 2 C Paradise Kitty where the Snow is White and it’s so Chilly…..

Yes, those lyrics will be fitting for Guns N Roses fans when we eventually get Jenna, Rachael and the rest of the kittens up here in Canada to play all of our favorite hits.

There are but only a few tribute bands that demand a following like these girls, and it is because they mean business.

Hailing from frigid temperatures of California, these girls bring the heat by entertaining fans worldwide for the last six years and are something to be reckoned with.

I came across them by just simply surfing our beautiful internet and was immediately hooked.

No the looks had nothing to do with it, but it surely didn’t hurt ?.

Warp speed after clicking on the bait, I knew they were nothing but the most professional and talented GnR tribute band out there and I had to get a hold of them.

Reviews, video samples, and their music medley from their site were my raison d’etre.

The following interview touched on many things including their talented lineup, the bands early history, the moment they were given the stamp of approval, and some great name dropping such as Canadians Alanis Morissette, Priya Panda, Lee Aaron, Brent Fritz, Todd Kerns, and the always loveable Killer Dwarfs.

Yup, I know, I know…video and editing could use some work and trust me I’m working on it,

After four years of just submitting the pieces primarily; I realize now the effort that goes into the whole production.

We’ll get there !!

Cheers and thanks for reading and watching.

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