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Did Maiah Wynne meet Coney Hatch-man Andy Curran and Alex Lifeson of Rush while out Clubbing?

Well, you’ll have to watch the interview to find out.

Maiah Wynne, an American up and coming star via singer, songwriter, actor, etc. etc. etc., has managed to team up with a couple of legendary Canucks in the music industry.

I haven’t watched the interview ? but I am sure that this chance collaboration was met via another route  ?.

Anyway, I got Wind of Ms. Wynne while interviewing Coney Hatch bassist Andy Curran not too long ago. At that time we w

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ere touching upon last years show that Hatch did at the historic El Mocambo in Toronto.

One thing led to another and the names, Alex Lifeson of Rush were mentioned in the same breathe as this young and amazing talent named Maiah Wynne  from the romantic state of Oregon.

So I pressed on and what I found blew my mind; not only is she super talented as per the likes of Jewel or Sarah McLaughlin, but she is also about to unleash some news that many Canadian fans of Rush and Coney Hatch would be envious of.

Envious of some?…. or shall I say Envy of None ?

***On Deck In the Next Few Weeks

Interviews with The Pixies, Eric Martin (Mr. Big), Lawrence Gowan (Styx) and more !!***

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