She’s Everything………………………..Brad Paisley

Album Time Well Wasted

Released 2005

Artist Brad Paisley

Songwriters Brad Paisley, Wil Nance

Great singer, songwriter and amazing guitarists; Paisley has it all. He has won more awards than I am sure he can count.

Best Singer, Best Songwriter, Best Guitarist are just the beginning. Growing up in West Virginia, Brad knew from an early age that music was going to be his career as he studied Music Business at Belmont University in Nashville, TN.

Some interesting facts about Brad are one that he met his current wife as an indirect result of finding out that the woman he had been dating had been seeing…………a woman !!!

No, not shocking; just interesting. 

The other thing that caused me 2 raise my brow when I was researching this talent was that Brad is an active Freemason.

I have seen Brad live and it was at the DTE in Clarkston Michigan some years ago. I remember the energy and pro skills he offered to the tens of thousands in attendance.

On two occasions Brad has played here in my hometown of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario and both times I missed the event. I pledge that if/when things get back to the new normal that is unfolding I will make every effort to see the show.

No, I am not getting soft in my elder years, but everyone loves a good ballad and song to dance (slow) to once in awhile.

 Right ??

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