Axeslinger of the day …. Vivian Campbell

Man oh man; I have always been a huge fan of the Irishman ever since I heard Holy Diver. Every track on that album plus The Last In Line  and Sacred Heart were also amazing.

With the great writing and vocals from the late Ronnie James Dio; anything on these three albums would go down in history.

When Vivian took the spot of Steve Clarke who passed away a couple of decades ago, I knew he would be the perfect piece to fit into the empty Def Leppard puzzle vacancy.

It just dawned on me as it is actually 5:45am? where I live; I actually had forgotten about Vivs’ tenure in Whitesnake.

I think Coverdale is the Jeff Bezos of musical guitarist greats as he really has had a monopoly on them for years !!

Vivian Campbell has done it all; musically, and has even had his battles with cancer and through it all you will never see him without a smile on his face.



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6 thoughts on “Axeslinger of the day …. Vivian Campbell

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