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UPDATED : Full Bubble Helmets ? Body Contact ? Bench Conditions ?


Update !

**As I alluded to when the article was originally published, I received my answer from a member of the Hounds organization today (Aug 26)

“Hi Ernest, In regards to your questions;  all the rules will be the same as previous years with body contact, penalties, face offs, etc.”

So there you have it, things seem to be looking good and some kids are already attending the arena for some conditioning sessions  from what I was told by a employee who works at the GFL.

We are only one week away from the Red and White game and as boring as they can be for some of the fans; I am sure the that a good majority of the available one thousand tickets will be sold; just for the fact that people can get out and watch some live entertainment again.

Go Hounds Go !


Original Article Below


Since we are on the right track at least in terms of knowing a general capacity for what is going to take place in the stands and off of the ice; I think a good thing to know would be how the game on the ice is going to look.

I sent out some feeler questions to the OHL and others around the league in hopes of getting some answers as surely by now, they should be almost inked.

First of all; will there be body contact?

Remember last year the Minister of Health broached that hockey without it was a possibility.

Next of all; will the partial visors be switched to full cages as to alleviate the possible spread of C19.

Will there be some sort of immediate physical distancing after the whistle just like there is when a fight breaks

out and D-men and such have to go to the blueline.

Will fighting be 100% tossed and the first infraction leads to a lengthy or terminal (in terms of the season) suspension?

How are the benches going to be set up to maintain distancing; after all, these kids exert themselves and heavy breathing is nothing but normal. Will there be plexiglass between the kids and/or two rows of benches?

I am sure water bottles and towels to be shared for visors/cages will be a definite no no as well.

There are a lot of questions that still need to be answered and I am sure everyone is waiting for them as we about 10 days from camp.



I will update this piece as per information to my requests coming in, as to be fare; I just sent them out this morning.



Go Hounds Go!!

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