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Eric Martin of Mr. Big and I Discuss the 30th Anniversary of Lean Into It and Much Much More !!

Eric Martin of Mr. Big and I had quite a conversation. We certainly discussed the Lean Into It album which was released three decades ago and went platinum in many countries. Songs like Just Take My Heart and To Be With You came from that dynamic vinyl and I know you all have your Mr. Big memories regarding such.

The interview came in lightening speed and we dabbled in things like blocking of cocks, Mr Big future plans, great Canadian talent like Loveryboy and Erics’ favorite Canadian singer Michael Bublé?. He did mention that he thought Bryan Adams was pretty cool as well.

In regards to his bandmates I find out that Billy (Sheehan) and Mr Martin chat about twice a month and surprisingly he has not spoken with Paul (Gilbert) in a couple of years.

Sir Bryan Adams

Don’t sound the alarm folks; they have a great relationship and have corresponded via messages over the years, but hey, both men are very busy and life happens.

Speaking of Paul,  I do happen to think Eric was wrong when he suggested that Gilbert was a better guitarist than I was. After sleeping on it, I figured that yeah bros’ before……..well you know what I mean…..they are bandmates and friends, and obviously there was some bias.

If you have followed the Big career you will know that the nucleus in many respects was the late Pat Torpey on drums and since his passing a few years back, the band has had a hard time mentally replacing him (in my opinion).

There will only be one Pat Torpey, but if there was a reunion, Eric gives his thoughts on who he thinks would be a good fit and why.

Young Eric Sept 16/2021

Before clicking on the above interview, beware that as per my disclaimer; some of the above content needs to be taken with a grain of salt, a lime, and a shot of tequila.


Click below 2 find out where Eric likes to eat when in the Soo.

Coming Soon; Jack Blades of Night Ranger !

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