Set Me Free…Frank Hannon Band (Tesla)

Album Six String Soldiers

Year 2012

Frank Hannon Guitars & Vocals Jeffery Sandoval  Vocals Mike Araiza  Guitar Cortney DeAugustine  Drums Aaron Leigh – Bass

What a great backstory to this tune. Mike apparently was a super fan of Franks and over the years would send him music that he wrote. One day Hannon had happened to listen some of it and was impressed and thus Mike got a call. The song not only features some cool slide guitar but the Drop tuning really makes it heavy and unique. Aside from Franks work in Tesla, this song above and Frank Hannon Band The Heroes @ Harlow’s 10 01 09 035 – YouTube are two of my non Tesla favs. “Hey Frank…you need to record  this in a studio like we talked about via FB a few years ago”. Both songs are dynamite !


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