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Some Soo Business Owners Have Decided That What is Good for the Goose Is Good for the Gander

I will get to the title later.

 So, I was on my morning walk  today and a friend bumped into me on his way to work. He said I should have met him and a group of our friends last night as they had a great time eating and dining.

This friend and his friends are not willing to gamble on getting jabbed and it was really nice to hear the good news regarding the business owners not putting Gestapo arm bands on and treating healthy non plagued paying customers like they had leprosy and forcing them out into the cold.

I have heard of a few fed up business owners not enforcing as well and recently in an article at another news site; one owner even said if the vaccine certificate come to fruition (which it has), that he would rather cut his losses and close the business than segregate his past patrons and friends.

It is sad that the ones that are willingly complying without a fight are going to in the end probably lose their business.

My personal opinion is that there are many people who will not be experimented on and the large numbers not vaccinated will soon be hurting a business that normally fills 12 tables all night and now the numbers are down to maybe 6 or 8.

It is just math folks, but with all the business already killed, I know of many that are on their last legs.

Segregating paying customers is going to only do more damage.

More businesses in the Soo have been killed in 20 months than ever on record, and the lockdowns, and now this nonsense is only going to add to the list.

So getting back to the title;

If the Bereavement Authority of Ontario that runs the Ontario Funeral homes found a way to REVERSE the inclusion into this draconian mandate; well maybe if enough business owners screamed loud enough like they must have, they might be able to get their inclusion reversed.

And there is no defending the reversal to the funeral homes because you don’t reverse policy that they say is put into place for our “safety”.

Now on another topic; for all that are still convinced that this whole mess is about a virus, think about the fact that 10’s of thousands of doctors/nurses and healthcare workers are being told if they do not get vaccinated by a certain date that they will be fired.

Read that back to yourself twice.

Ok; here is the answer to the riddle for you.












408 thoughts on “Some Soo Business Owners Have Decided That What is Good for the Goose Is Good for the Gander

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