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Sexxi Lexxi Foxx is Back From the Dead

Yes, you read that right; former Steel Panther bass player Lexxi Foxx has returned from his self induced retirement.

Lexxi who will now go back to using his real name Travis Haley, has teamed up with MTV’s Pimp My Ride celebrity Diggity Dave, Brian Jennings, Danny Parker , female vocalist 7even (Kris Aragon) with their project Hollywood Gods n Monsters.

There is a lot of HYPE about HGNM’s right now and that is because HYPE is their vocalist and if you like rap; you will know who he is. He also brings a lot of energy and range (vocal).

What kind of music is it you may ask ? click here for more 411

Well, from what I understand it is not covers, but almost cerca to what a DJ does.

They will be going back into their history of love of different tunes and musical styles, and put a “spin” on it I guess and they call it “smashup”.

Interview with Travis is being coordinated and it will be interesting to see what a “serious” Travis Haley will be like.

Looking forward to Hollywood Gods n Monsters especially with Hallowe’en around the corner.



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