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Ron Bumblefoot Thal is Gonna Kick My Ass !!! : Interview

Well, if he wasn’t such a nice guy he probably would, so I am grateful that this will not happen.

I reached out the the former Guns N Roses guitarist when I decided to start my own website via Kapptive Studios here in the Soo. Tony built me a great site and I needed to reach out to former interviewees and I knew Ron would help out as he is just a great and generous guy.

Long story short; he agreed in a flash and the interview was set up, confirmed, and it went without a glitch. I wanted to post it right away, but life throws you curveballs, such as a granddaughter being born and that sort of thing. If link fails to embed; please just click here…

I also had previous articles to write and publish so maybe a lesson of “Patience” is what I need a tutorial in.

Anyway, Ron my apologize !!!!

In case you have been living under a snow bank here in Canada or in a van down by the river somewhere, Ron Bumblefoot Thal is currently a founding member of Sons of Apollo featuring legends, I mean LEGENDS, Mike Portnoy, Jeff Scott Soto, Billy Sheehan, and Derek Sherinian.

In 2019 he was tapped to keep the train going by being the singer/guitar player in the Supergroup Asia (Heat of the Moment, Wildest Dreams, etc.)

And…before this Ron burst on to the stage, by being recruited by Axl Rose to front a segued version of the mega hit band Guns N Roses in 2006 where he thrilled audiences worldwide until 2014.

Daily Specials

Over the past 2 decades he has worked with dozens of bands (including the up and coming Israeli group The Dodies) and artists, as a producer, engineer, writer, arranger, and performer. When it comes to music and composing: Ron Thal’s done it Al. (pp. Patent Pending ?.

Although Wikipedia is not 100% gospel as there are issues with it; for the most part generally speaking, unless the subject is not a political figure, I find that most of the info is accurate outside of spelling/grammar errors.

So if you have 3 hours to kill today after watching the above interview, and still want to know more about Ron, click here

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On deck; Eric Martin (Mr.Big) and Lawrence Gowan (Styx)



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