Thunderstruck…..AC z DC

Album Razors Edge

Released 1990

Aussie Boys Brian Johnson vocals Angus Young lead guitar Malcom Young rhythm guitar Cliff Williams bass Chris Slade drums


Who doesn’t love Ac/Dc right ? I think this song is a bit mainstream and poppy, but maybe it is because it has been played a million times. Actually probably over a Billion as per the above video which is zeroing on that number itself. I love the intro pulloff riff by Angus for sure.

I am more of a Flick of the Switch, Back in Black kind of Ac/Dc fan, but this song really put the band on the map with a different audience.

This song has been the anthem for football teams, hockey playoffs, Nascar races and everything else. Let’s hope Ac/Dc still has some life in them.

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