Malaria …..L.A. Guns

Album Cocked & Loaded

Released 1989

Band Phil Lewis/vocals, Tracii Guns/lead guitars, Mick Cripps/guitars, Kelly Nickels/bass/harmonica, Steve Riley/drums

Additional Musicians Ted Nugent guitar, Robin Zander  backing vocals, Rick Nielsen backing vocals, Derek St. Holmes backing vocals

I have always liked this raw album.

I almost put them in the same category as Guns N Roses, and NO!!!…not because of the name lol, but because they played the same circuit at the same time and both had a raw and edgy sound with less gloss than the other bands at the time; Ratt, Motley Crue, Autograph, etc.

GNR was more melodic and radio friendly rock on some of their albums while LA Guns kept their sound which reminds me of another raw band from Hollywood; The Hangmen.

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