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Buckcherry Will Finally Be Rolling Into Town Tomorrow

After a couple of delays, Josh Todd and his crew will be making their way to Sault Ste Marie tomorrow for a sold out show tomorrow night.

The band will be midway through a cross Canada tour to support the current album Hellbound.

The Soo has had issues getting good entertainment in the Soo over the years even though we are midway across the country and hundreds of top acts have been seen driving their convoy of tour buses through.

Only during the days of the first General Manager of the new arena then called the Steelback Center did we see big names like Elton John, Motley Crue, Tragically Hip, Bryan Adams, Hilary Duff and so on.

Since then red tape and close mindedness put the breaks on things. The current General Manager at the GFL has all but his hands tied so you can’t blame him.

Anyway, moving on to the show, you can thank Brandon Bird of Diamond Mine Agency based out of Ottawa Ontario for including Sault Ste. Marie in the list of shows. He uses his head knowing the length of real estate the band will put on between Winnipeg and Ottawa and thus included Thunder Bay, SSM, and Sudbury.

Bands like Buckcherry play shows in front of 10’s of thousands of people at times, but also are smart enough to take smaller gigs where they can get back into their club vibe and engage more directly with their fans.

We have more than a few places to host shows and the Machine Shop has shown this; inside I believe it holds over 5 or 600 people, and I believe in their plans are an outdoor venue to hold thousands.

We also have The Canuck and back in the Canadian days, the venue downstairs hosted the Killer Dwarfs, Airborne, Kenny and Spenny, and dozens and dozens of great acts.

Finally the GFL, if city hall elects some forward thinkers during the next election, could restart the process of bringing in big name entertainment. It was shown that we would support it as per the number of sellouts during the Zach days of running the venue.

Now, the show at Soo Blaster has been sold out from what I was told, but just like a few that have contacted me recently; I would suggest scouring local classified sections as some people may not be able to attend for whatever reason.

Get ready for an energetic Josh Todd as he is not a passive frontman. He will be all over the stage singing hit after hit after hit.

As much as I would love to; I will not be able to attend the show, but Buckcherrys’ tour manager is setting up something in order to have a brief one on one chat with Josh; if you have watched or read my interviews with him; Josh and I have a couple things in common and it will be a treat to finally meet him. Enjoy the show and send me some pics and your thoughts so I can do a post show review !!

Finally, this show requires you to show your papers, so don’t leave home without them as you will not be allowed to enter the venue.

Thanks for reading and next up, I will be publishing my interview with Zoom interview with Whitesnake and Trans Siberian Orchestra guitarist Joel Hoekstra. Joel if you are unaware has also played in Night Ranger and toured as Cher’s guitarist so you know he is A list.


Cheers !!






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