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Breaking ! Travis (Lexxi Foxx) Finally Reveals Why He Left Steel Panther

This has to be one of the most entertaining, funny, confusing, informative interviews I have done. It has everything from “you’re darn tootin”, to “Fu*K, F*cK, F*CK, FU*K, F*CK”; yeah former Steel Pantherite Lexxi Foxx has the gift of gab, although at times, I had to slow down the video to hear and figure out what he said.

At first I thought his energy level was because of him finally being able to get an audience with yours truly (ha ha) , but I think his excitement and HYPE was because of the Surprise guest that popped in the interview which you will see.

If you were a fan of SCTV; think of Bobby Bittman surprising Sammy Maudlin.

Anyway; this interview finally gives Panther fans some closure in knowing why Travis/Lexxi had to leave the band.

Everything from Travis recently being in jail, to Corona, to Canada’s newest major city are discussed in this great interview.

Cheers !!!


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