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Hounds Play A Good Game But…………..

end up losing in OT.

The Soo Greyhounds entered the 3rd period leading the the North Bay Battalion 3-2, but could only earn one point as they lost in overtime 5-4.

It was a see-saw battle all night and there were some good takeaways from the tilt.

Soo boy and rookie Connor Toms played strong with 2 assists and a +2 rating and Rory Kerins as usual put up numbers with his 3 assists.

Goals for the Hounds were by Tanner Dickinson, Tye Kartye, Robert Caliste, and a sweet goal by Bryce McConnell-Barker.

Aside from the losing effort, newcomer Tucker Tynan played excellent and I am sure John Dean and Kyle Raftis would admit.

Although giving up 4 goals, you can’t fault him on them.

Three goals were power play goals and the others were as per bad defensive coverage.

I really liked the way he had puck control and he didn’t give up rebounds. He looked solid and confident and that is why Raftis went out and snagged him.

The other thing I noticed was his hockey sense in being able to move the puck. Late in the third period, the Battalion found their 4th line struggling against the top Dog line and when they cleared the puck to make a change, Tucker seized  the opportunity and made a pass from his own end up to a Hound forward at the North Bay blueline.

That didn’t convert into a goal but it showed his confidence and too be honest it was a nice tape to tape pass.

In the end; coming back to the Soo with a point against the number 6 rated team in the country is a positive knowing, the Hounds could have won the game.

The only sore spot was the penalty killing and the coaches really have some work to do; for some reason they seem unorganized and I have noticed this all year.

They don’t keep the box square at times, and are passive when challenging the point men.

A championship team wins with special teams and when you are ranked near the bottom of the league on any one of them like the Hounds are on the PK, you will not go far.

Scoring for the Battalion were Mitchell Russell, Brandon Coe, Josh Curry, Matvey Petrov, and Liam Arnsby.

Next up for the Hounds are a road tilt against Hound Tyler Savard’s Fathers’ Windsor Spitfires next Thursday. 


Thanks to my fact checker J. Catterick, I am even more impressed as I didn’t realize that Tynan got an assist last night as well !!

Go Hounds Go 


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