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GM Kyle Raftis Confirms He is Currently Involved in Trade Talks

I had the privilege to once again talk to the General Manager of the Soo Greyhounds and our topic revolved around the upcoming trade deadline, the trade dynamics in this day and age, the status of third goaltender Charlie Schenkel, and what Kyle is looking for if he were to pull the trigger.

When I asked him; without asking for obvious specific teams, if he was talking with other GM’s currently; he confirmed, “yes currently there is some chatter

I asked him he felt comfortable in identifying offence or defense as an area he would be interested in bolstering;  he didn’t specify and only said that if he right deal was presented he would obviously make it but that he really liked the “chemistry” of the team right now and the deal if made would have to “make the team deeper“.

In my opinion I would think that defense might be an area as the team is at the top in terms of offence in the league. But hey; I am just a humble writer and it’s only my opinion.

Anyway, in terms of the extremely possible fact that the season may be cancelled in regards to C19, I asked him if there were going to be more conditional picks or in my words “not withstanding” clauses in the event the kid or kids traded for don’t get to play for the prize and draft picks in the next few years were given up. “Teams for sure are going to have to be creative” (in their trade jargon and wording) he confirmed and responded.

The last question I asked was that of the status of young promising Charlie Schenkel and if he had found a place for the young kid to play and develop, as sitting in the press box will only hinder his progress.

He confirmed that he is working on that and that he is confident a spot will be found “by the trade deadline

Anyway I hope I am wrong about the season falling short but all signs are gloomy.

Either way I am going to enjoy the game tonight against the Saginaw Spirit.

Check out my post game report tomorrow.

Go Hounds Go 

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