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Your Guess is as Good as Mine/ Hounds @ Wolves

The Hounds at the time of publishing this morning are set to square off against their neighbor, the Sudbury Wolves at the Sudbury Community Arena at exactly 2:05pm.

That short window of only hours can take a turn for the worst as we have seen game after game being postponed not long before game time and leaving fans, workers, and businesses disappointed. As many of you have been doing over the past few days; I have also been checking to see if the game is a hit or miss every now and then and to my relief, it looks like all the C19 protocols have come in positive to us and negative in medical results.

I messaged Gerry L with the Hounds this am to inquire about what protocols they use as per the Ministry of Health and the Ontario Hockey League, but I know it is game day and I may have to wait to get a response tomorrow.

I am pretty sure it isn’t anything that the public shouldn’t be aware of  and many curious fans would like to know what would justify a junior game to be shelved when so many other factors are involved.

Not to make this any kind of political issue and I won’t. I will just say that after two years, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has come out publicly and said the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test that has been used as the standard around the world for detecting infection is unreliable (we knew that with a 70% False/Positive Rate) and they have stopped using it and a new test will be used as the standard in 2022.

My loyal Hounds fans; that information is public knowledge and all you have to do is go to the website and look for it. They will not announce this failure on TV, but they have a lawful duty to do so on their website and it is there.

Here is the link and it is your job to dig into the website and you will find what I just wrote to be true. This is your introduction my dear readers. Lab Alert: Changes to CDC RT-PCR for SARS-CoV-2 Testing

What does this have to do with hockey and the game ? Well I was inquiring because I hope the league isn’t still using faulty tests to crush dreams, careers, small businesses, and employees involved in Junior hockey.

Anyway…the other question mark to me is whether or not, Ryan O’Rourke and Tanner Dickinson will suit up.

I started to think that after returning from Alberta, there me be some kind of isolation time due to being out of province etc. We will find out later today.

Tale of the Tape 


Coach Craig Duncanson

GM Rob Papineau

Record 8-14-12

The Sudbury Wolves are going to have to play a good disciplined game to win if Ryan and Tanner are back in the lineup. The Wolves have trouble scoring and we will know soon as to whether star player Jack Thompson will be dealt to a contender. If there is something about to be inked as chatter has his name involved in trade talks; he may not be in the lineup, but that is just speculation. Either way, the Wolves coming off a loss to the Hounds last Thursday will be eager to avenge it, but talent leans on the Hounds side. The only difference is talent doesn’t always beat passion and hard work.

Other players to watch are Quentin Musty, Chase Stillman, David Goyette and Evan Konyen. Goaltender Mitchell Weeks was the only reason the Hounds didn’t blow the Wolves out of town in the first period last week and all signs would think he gets the nod.




Coach John Dean 

GM Kyle Raftis

Record 16-10-2

Game two for Tyler Savard will be a factor if the Hounds win today. He is coming off a long rest due to his injury and this will be his second game back. His first he got his skates wet and I have a good feeling about him playing very well today for some reason.

We all know Tye, Rory, Bryce, and Calisti will bring their A game but if Tanner and Ryan are cleared to play, I see the Hounds team rejuvenated with the positive energy and talent and show it with a really good effort.

In goal; I have been wrong more times than not when I try and predict; it’s fun so that is why I do it. I kind of play laptop coach.

Well I guess if I were to insert one of them, I would be wanting to go with Sammy to get him back in there as he carried the team for quite a stretch early in the season. On the other hand; factors such as confidence are huge and I think Coach Dean needs to get Tucker to the point where he has a winning record. This kid has played really well and we have to get him the wins going into the playoffs if they are not postponed/cancelled.

Putting him in between the pipes against a weaker team is one way to get him another W.

I pick Tucker to get the nod.

**ICYMI** Sault Ste. Marie native Camaryn Baber has been traded from Saginaw to the London Knights**

Go Hounds Go !!

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