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Well….this is mainly a rock music site so I found the feature image background and fitting!!

Anyway fans, we are still a go for tonights game between the Hounds and Wolves.

Before I get into that, I would like to let any fans know the following information if they are stuck or confused. An older Hound fan reached out to me the other day as she was under duress and did not know how to get her QR code printed etc.

I told her to go to the library and she went yesterday but they were not doing it anymore. I confirmed with the library this am and they told me that was in fact true.

** A funny but not so funny note to this is that when I was calling the library; the first call I made was accidentally made to the Brantford Public Library as I hit the wrong button on my phone via Google. Guess what ?? They are open and not curbside….call them if you think I am joking. Wild !! **

I called Terry Sheehan’s office and they are not doing them as they said it was a provincial matter and are working from home.

I contacted Ross Romano’s office and they confirmed they are printing them and laminating them. Here is the number and email; (705) 949-6959 and [email protected] . I hope this helps…Hounds fans stick together !!

Anyway, I am not sure what Kyle is doing in regards to trades as his name is pretty silent right now. As I said, if he makes a move, my thoughts would be for an experienced defenseman as up front the boys are solid and goaltending will not be touched.

If Kyle stays pat you could not blame him as per the uncertainty and impending (in my opinion) pause or cancelling of the season. I hope the latter happens if one of them has to come to fruition.

On to the game.

The Hounds will play the Wolves for the second time in three days and the lineups will be the same other than the question mark as per Ryan O’Rourke and Cole MacKay and maybe who’s between the pipes.

The Hounds played a really good game on Sunday and every game these days could be the last for a while so hopefully the boys bring the same effort.

Tale of the Tape


Coach Craig Duncanson

GM Rob Papineau

Record 8-15-2

The hard to score Wolves will need the strength of Jack Thompson, Evan Konyen, and David Goyette if there are going to win. Between the three of them as the top point earners on the team, thet have compiled only 56 points. The Hounds top scorer himself Rory Kerins has 51 points to just show you the difference in firepower.

If the Wolves get the same solid goaltending as they did on Sunday the Wolves could invoke an upset.


Coach John Dean

GM Kyle Raftis

Record 17-10-2

With the high scoring Hounds anyone will threaten tonight. The usual suspects of Kerins, Kartye, and Dickinson will more than likely make it on the scoreboard in some fashion.

A nice compliment will be if Ryan O’Rourke and Cole MacKay are penciled in, but we will not know that until later in the day.

In goal I want to see Sammy get a start, but I have been wrong so many times at my picks that I am starting think  (John) Deaner reads my articles and is trying to spite me !! Just kidding; he is the coach and he knows best.

Whoever gets the nod whether it is Tucker or Ivanov; the Hounds will be in good shape.

Check back tomorrow for the post game wrap up.

Go Hound Go 

4 thoughts on “So Far So Good/Soo@Sudbury/QR Code Info

  1. Mike says:

    We live in very uncertain times.
    Omicron should not cause the hype it does since even though it is extremely trabsmitable is no worse than a cold.
    Let’s hope cooler heads prevail.
    Go Hounds go.
    One of the few bright spots in daily life lately.

  2. Thx Mike….Go Hounds Go !!

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