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Hounds Game Paused / OHL Confusing Press Release / Marty Turco Interview

The game between the Dogs and Spitfires that we were hoping would go along without a hitch tonight has been paused and at this point the pause button will be pressed again and released on Sunday afternoon.

The game tomorrow night will go ahead as scheduled.

Why the pause and rescheduling? Your guess is as good as mine. I haven’t heard of the cold or flu running through each of the teams so that can’t be it to the best of my knowledge.

There are a few possible reasons and I will start with the first. Yesterday as I was downtown, I noticed the parking lot of the Memorial Gardens was full of cars and from what I was told; there was an mRNA campaign inside. It is possible that they are doing that again today and although the GFL website remains showing the Hounds game on for tonight, the APH site shows bookings/times/dates/ for the GFL but nothing clear.

I just got off the phone with reception at the APH 8:53 am and the woman said there was “no clinic today”.

The only other scenarios would be that the NASA suits for the kids purchased by the OHL have been held up at customs and will not arrive until Saturday am, or that they are installing plexiglass on the benches to separate the 18 kids; we all know the Ontario Public Health guidelines strictly limit gatherings of 5 people indoors and 10 outdoors.

Next on my agenda is the Ontario Hockey Leagues confusing press release. In it you will see the quote taken out below.

“Additionally, the game scheduled for Friday, January 7 between the Flint Firebirds and host London Knights will now begin at 7:00pm rather than the previously scheduled start time of 7:30pm. The game scheduled for Sunday, January 9 between the London Knights and host Kitchener Rangers will now begin at 4:00pm rather than the previously scheduled start time of 6:00pm”

Can someone explain to me why the OHL had to step in and reschedule the start times of these games? If it is an issue with the organization and facility, wouldn’t that be a press release delivered by the said teams? The start times in both case are earlier………..I could be far off, but maybe it is to get people home earlier… as to not be out later than …..curfew?

If you are laughing right now, you shouldn’t. Quebec just invoked their second draconian curfew and you will be fined $600 if found to be out between the hours of 10pm and 5am.

If you don’t believe me; here is the link.  Quebec government faces backlash for 2nd curfew | CBC News

Anyway; on to some good news. I will be publishing my interview early next week with former NHL goaltender Marty Turco.

Of course Marty was not a Soo Greyhound, but he was a Soo Boy who made it to the big stage and every Saulite and Hound fan will know who he is and what he has achieved.

We chat about the Soo, his career, and his new ventures.

Just before I go for the day to the coffee shop (Station Mall bench 11 ha ha ) to enjoy a coffee with my friend, I will update you that there is still silence regarding Kyle Raftis and any trade activity. If Kyle makes a move it will be nothing spectacular and if he does I am still hoping for an older D man. With the way things are going and nothing to report, it is very very possible that Kyle waives off the dealer and doesn’t make a move other than getting Charlie Schenkel somewhere to play.

Check back in tomorrow for the Game Day Report.

Go Hound Go 


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