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1st Star Tucker Tynan and Hounds Earn 3 of 4 Road Points with 4-2 Win in Guelph Last Night

Tucker Tynan on this recent road trip has been one of the best players and last night he came up big on numerous Guelph attempts.

Hockey is a team game and the Hounds in front of him did their part by scoring four goals and playing a great road game.

Scoring for the Hounds were Tye Kartye with 2, Robert Calisti, and Cole MacKay with an empty netter.

Speaking of Calisti; I know he is a great talent out there as he hits, he is fast, he brings the rush, and when (in position) he is on the backend he is as good as any defenceman in the league. My only critique is that all too often, and again last night, he ends up either at the opposing teams hash marks or even behind their net.

This needs to be addressed as come playoff time when games are tight; the last thing you want is a odd man rush or a even man rush with a forward filling his spot to compensate. Aside from that Robert played a great game.

Speaking of defense; I really like the way Connor Toms is developing and showing poise and confidence.

At the same time with the players acquired recently and bodies that were injured back in the lineup; it is hard to see Luc Brzustowski sit because of the numbers game. I really liked the way this kid was playing but he’ll just have to be patient.

With 2 assists Rory Kerins is tied with 60 points in the second spot for the OHL scoring title.

The next game for the Hounds will be this Wednesday where they start a three game homestand against the Saginaw Spirit followed by Flint (Fri) and Barrie (Sat).

**Watching the game on TSN3 last night it was interesting to see that apparently the Ontario Gov’t considers NHL scouts essential workers and a bit above the average Joe in importance. Watching those pics of them mingling around each other in the third period was disturbing. What separates them from You or I as being a threat to spreading C19? Yeah I’m bitter about this whole thing and You should be to**

Go Hounds Go 

2 thoughts on “1st Star Tucker Tynan and Hounds Earn 3 of 4 Road Points with 4-2 Win in Guelph Last Night

  1. Mike says:

    Couldn’t watch the game as my shaw package doesn’t include tsn3.
    I usually watch it on shaw. I guess I won’t be watching the two games against the 2 U.S. based teams either. This to me is something that should very addressed.
    It seems to me that covid is providing more than just restrictions when citizens have to pay a premium for something we already had. Anyway that’s my rant for the day.
    Now to hockey. It is obvious that the Hounds have made some improvements and defense is the most obvious it was much needed as the penalty kill is greatly improved. I believe the team will continue to improve as they gel with the new players.

  2. Ernesto says:

    Thanks Mike…yeah…you could purchase the two games via CHL website which is like $6 or so per game. Yes the PK is way better as they are not allowing the opposition much time to think and set up plays. Have a great weekend and we’ll do coffee again soon. Go Hounds !

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