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The Record Is Scratched Up and Needs to Be Changed/Hounds @ Battalion

The record that Coach John Dean has been playing is full of scratches on side A and B and needs to be thrown out.

On side A you have Tucker Tanner who keeps playing good in net (not perfect but good enough to get a win) only to end up with another L in his column. The kid should have a winning record but since joining a “contender” has a 5-8 stat. I honestly feel bad for the kid and am not pulling Tucker vs Sammy kind of thing. I like the play of both kids equally. The scratch in my opinion is because of a defect in the record company and a replacement should be ordered by Hounds Coaching Records Inc.

Side B also has scratches and it is apparent. As I read my favorite Hounds writer of all time Peter Ruicci’s comments before bed last night, he hit the nail right on the head as I have been thinking the same. In summary we both agree that the Hounds have been losing more than an acceptable amount of games over the past month in the later innings Without going into each game (check for yourself when you have time), the fact is the Hounds are getting to be known as a team that can control the majority of a game and go into the 3rd period leading the contest and if you press them enough in the last 10 minutes, they will collectively choke and hand you the win.

Why is this?

One reason might lie in overplaying the top players to exhaustion and Coach Dean is on record as saying this. If this is the case why is he doing it again? Last night, star forward Rory Kerins admitted that he was on the ice for the last 3 Hounds goals against (although two were empty netters). Yes I get it that when North Bay tied up the game, the Hounds wanted the win, but facts don’t lie, the top line of the Battalion had more energy in the tank and took the lead and once again the needle didn’t move and the Hounds end up going out of tune and wrecking another good song.

There are other scratches as well such as  “I thought our guys played a very committed game. We managed the puck very well, we got above the puck very well” Coach John Dean. “I’m proud of the guys” Coach John Dean.

Listen, I am not suggesting Dean call out the kids individually, but every time the Hounds lose when they were winning and gave the game away, there seems to be this political correctness in every post game media chat. How can you make those comments when the team blew a lead?

I have before said it that if the kids don’t have a bit of fear instilled from the Coach, they will still play for him, but not to the very last second and we are seeing it. The kids read these comments post game from the media sources and after losing a game, the nice ..they played great….the kids worked hardit’s a hard pill to swallow etc. comments don’t hit them with anything and so what is the message? Well the message is it is ok to lose the game if you put in some sort of effort whether it is 30 minutes or 40.

Speaking of minutes and scratches, here is another one at the end of the 3rd song on Side B. “That’s why games are 60 minutes,” Rory Kerins. This isn’t directed at you Rory; you just happen to be the most recent player/coach to make a comment of the this nature.

It’s getting a little bit old; it is so scripted and cliché that an 90 year old grandmother can do an OHL play by play after only watching three games and reading the post game interviews.

I have a suggestion; hit the kids and coaches with state run propaganda that all games are four periods and 80 minutes long. At the end of the night when they realize there is no 4th period and the lead they have built up is good enough for the win…then comments like; ” we played a good 60 minutes” etc. will be good enough for me.

Anyways those are just my thoughts and opinions and nothing personal to those I mentioned. I am not the Coach and couldn’t coach my way out of a wet paper bag, but this  is how I see things from the couch.


Tonights Tale of the Tape


Coach Ryan Oulahen 

GM Dennis Adams

Records 21-15-3-3

Tonight the Battalion will try and play a better first half especially with the push back the Hounds will bring. Players to watch are Brandon Coe and Matvey Petrov.



Coach John Dean

GM Kyle Raftis

Record 23-13-3-1

Tonight, the record will have Bryce McConnell-Barker making a difference if the Hounds are going to win. Rory Kerins, and Tye Kartye are also keys to win and if Ryan O’Rourke can play a disciplined game and stay out of the box, there should be no reason the Hounds can’t redeem their loss from last night for a win.

For some reason, the Hounds are playing better for Sammy Ivanov and if he is between the pipes tonight, I will guarantee the Hounds win. If I am wrong; I have no problem putting up the headline in tomorrows post game review “Ernest Skinner is a Dork” We all have to laugh these days and that is my oath to you.

**btw; I just spoke with media/music talent Bif Naked who was famous for her song I Love Myself Today and others and she for some reason thinks the Hounds will win the Memorial Cup. I will link that interview in the post game as well **

Go Hounds Go 


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