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Rockers Dee Snider and Bif Naked Can’t Be Wrong So…/Hounds Pick up 1 Point in Loss

I mean if the legend of the 80’s Dee Snider and Canadian talent Bif Naked who loves herself today predicts the Hounds to win the OHL championship than I guess there is nothing to worry about with the Hounds most recent loss last night. We will just have to chalk it up as progress and not perfection.

Maybe I have been overlooking a few things and this morning I took a real hard look at myself. That 30 seconds was one of the hardest things I had to face. The mirror cracked so I went and sat down to write.

My thoughts on the Hounds over the past few months have been fair but maybe I have overlooked a few things in my frustration at the losses and in particular the losses when Tucker Tynan played a great game. I think that part comes from being a disappointed in the immature comments by some towards the young kid about the bookmaking/gambling rumors that surfaced awhile back.

I believe there was nothing to it and adults on social media were calling for his head and that he shouldn’t be in the lineup. That really pissed me off because for one thing that would send a message of guilt and two, it would hamper his development. You don’t convict people before due process. Maybe that is why I get roughed up when he plays a great game and loses. I almost feel that he keeps getting kicked when down.

Anyway my little rambling is over but the other thing I have to consider is that the Hounds were shorthanded of three star players during the two recent games in North Bay and for sure that is heavy and I am sure difficult for the coaching staff.

Below is the proof (ha ha) from my interview with MILF-red Naked that the Hounds have many supporters and will be there as contenders at the end of the season. The full interview will be uploaded to my YouTube channel later today so Subscribe to it so you will be notified. That is if you are a music fan.

Ok last night I will just some up the game this way aside from the usual great play of Rory Kerins and Tye Kartye and the usual suspects.

  • Owen Allard is showing with his size that he can create space and played great last night.
  • Luc Brzustowski continues to shine as he notched 3 assists from the backend.
  • Kalvyn Watson played a great game with 2 goals. Ironically he is the guy that I had on trade block earlier this year lol. Sorry about that Kalvyn; I totally dropped the puck on that one.
  • Backbreaker of the game; Ryan O’Rourke‘s unfortunate mental error with the delay of game penalty in the first resulting in a PP goal by NB to put them up 2-0.
  • Defensive Zone coverage at times when the Hounds playing 5 on 5 was not pretty. The boys would be looking like deer in headlights not moving their skates and just standing and watching NB circle like the were (Hounds) killing a penalty.
  • Offensively the Hounds buzzed a lot a playing without Calisti, Dickinson, and MacKay  and played a great game with young kids and rookies in the lineup.
  • Sammy Ivanov started the game but pulled a muscle stretching to stop the puck early in the first period. Charlie Schenkel did not play in Rockland last night but was the backup. It is quite possible that he may get called up if the Hounds want to be very cautious with resting Sammy’s Hammy’s (hamstrings).
  • As the commentators for NB said; I agree Tucker played a really good game on Thursday and made some big saves last night. The bubble for him will burst at some point and the wins will come. Hang in their young man!


Next up the Hounds will play two games in Sudbury starting tomorrow afternoon and then return to the nickel city on Tuesday.

If any season ticket holder has a ticket they will not be using next weekend, please email me or send me a message  [email protected]

Go Hounds Go

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