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Hounds Play Good Enough to Win But Still Had to Dodge a Bullet/Organization Aware of the Clock Differential Regarding Tye’s Goal on Wednesday

Yes the Greyhounds showed superior puck control and game control for about 3/4’s of the game last night but still found themselves in danger near the end. The Hounds dominated the first period outshooting the Rangers 20-7 but due to the stellar goaltending from Jackson Parsons, could only manage a 1-0 lead.

In the second period the Hounds scored three goals in 2:47 and the lead at that point was 4-1 but hold on the game wasn’t in the bag.

Moving on to the third period, the Hounds had a lead built up of 5-1, but just as the Hounds scored 3 in under 3; the Rangers managed to climb back into the game with two goals in under 3 themselves.

With about 5 minutes left to play I was thinking here we go again. All the Rangers needed was a fluke goal and then the Hounds would be clutching their sticks tight and anything could have happened. Thank God they avoided the infamous bullet and second shooter.

Scoring for the Hounds and having a great game was Rob Calisti with two, Bryce McConnell-Barker with a rocket of a goal in the second period and Owen Allard and Jack Thompson rounded out the scoring. Cole McKay picked up two helpers and Rory Kerins did the same to keep pace in the league scoring race where he sits 3rd with 91 points and only 2 shy of the league leader Wyatt Johnston (93).

On the Rangers side Matthew Sop, Francesco Pinelli, and Simon Motew scored but the big story (pun intended) was Mike Petizian. Is that kid something or what! Not only does he lead his team in scoring with 53 points but he does it with such a small frame of 167lbs and he has stopped growing…vertically. The young man clocks in at just centimeters over 5ft. (5.06 to be exact). The more Mark Matier and Gino Cavello mentioned his name the more I took notice, and to be honest he looked like a 15 year old playing against grown men; the size difference was glaring. This just goes to show that skill and determination is all you need and boy oh boy, if you haven’t noticed this make sure to look for #17 tonight especially when he sets up for a faceoff.

Speaking of Shaw announcer Mark Matier; we both were kind of surprised that Ivanov didn’t get the start as I figured he would have to play some games going down the stretch as I mentioned yesterday. Anyway, I would hope he gets the start tonight even though Joseph (Tucker) Tynan played good last night.

Now regarding the fastest goal in Hounds history scored by Tye Kartye; the reply regarding my inquiry via email to the Director of Public Relations & Hockey Administration didn’t come, but I don’t need it as the answer came another way.

During the pregame show via Rock 101, I tuned in purposely and on two occasions the Radio Broadcaster said the Hounds scored “just seconds in” regarding the Kartye goal. I believe this was purposely done as they are awaiting the OHL review of the goal.  During the same segment, coach John Dean also indirectly answered my question as I personally feel his view is that it was a record breaker; He mentioned (if I heard him right) that a few seconds “could be shaved off” the 8 second time on the scoresheet. We will just have to wait and see what the league comes back with.

tonights tale of the tape


Coach Mike McKenzie

GM Mike McKenzie

Record 22-5-2-2

Tonight watch #17 as I said earlier; this kid is dynamite and also keep an eye out for #77 Narvi Mutter who plays a Ty Anselmini kind of way by getting under the opponents skin and mixing things up. He took a bad penalty late in the 3rd and may have been benched as I don’t recall seeing him back on the ice after that. If that is the case, I feel he is going to play extra hard tonight and Hounds better keep their heads up. Jackson Parsons played excellent in a losing effort but we may see the starter tonight as Pavel Cajan.


Coach John Dean

GM Kyle Raftis

Record 30-17-6-1

Hounds setup will be the same as last night with Kerins, McKay, O’Rourke, and Kartye leading the way. We will possibly see Caeden Carlisle in action tonight and Landen Hookey or Ethan Montroy may get swapped in unless there is an injury to the above three that I am not aware of.

In goal I am placing my bets on Samuel Ivanov but I have been wrong many times in regards to Hounds starters.

Go Hounds Go 

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