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Tanner Dickinson Was the Nucleus of the Greyhounds It Appears/Saginaw and Hounds Battle Tonight

I apologize for the short article but this is what happens when your work day starts at 8am and you hit that snooze button a few times.

Anyway, I have been thinking about why the Hounds have gone from a confident group of contenders to a group of kids playing very inconsistent and insecure hockey for months.

It just dawned me the other night that Tanner Dickinson who I thought would win the Hounds scoring title may be the piece of the puzzle the Hounds were missing. I think he was actually more pieces than just one.

He was the nucleus to this team and even though the Hounds played a bit of up and down hockey before his injury; they have been a hockey team absent of any kind of identity since his injury.

I am pressed for time this morning so I will get into the Dickinson and Hounds demise in another article.

Hounds host the Saginaw Spirit tonight and its’ obvious they need to win. They will be without another top player again tonight as per Ryan O’Rourke’s suspension for slew footing last week.

Go Hounds Go !


2 thoughts on “Tanner Dickinson Was the Nucleus of the Greyhounds It Appears/Saginaw and Hounds Battle Tonight

  1. Chris Sierzputowski says:

    Got to thinking about how the Hounds have played since Tanner has been out of the lineup. His value and contributions cannot be overstated enough. Since he left , the power play has dropped from 1st in the league down to 4th. Doesn’t sound like much, but at one point it was clicking at over 30% which is unheard of. The rest of the league was at a second tier in the mid 20’s! Since his absence we’ve seen some games with 0-6’s, 0-7’s, that have direct bearing on some of the games won or lost. The lack of cohesiveness is apparent at times. His pass recipients, Tye Kartye and Rory Kerins, incredible finishers in their own right , have gone through power play slumps in Tanner’s absence. At one point, Tye went almost 3 weeks between PP markers. Tanner just found a way to get the puck with his incredible creativity.
    Of course we need to credit the opposition in some cases ,learning Hound tendencies and adapting pk strategies. Still Tanner would adapt himself. Taking a talent such as Tanner out of the lineup has had a direct bearing on Hound play the last two months. I am sure the Hounds wouldn’t be fighting to maintain home ice advantage for the first round if he still was contributing on a nightly basis, that I am sure of.

    1. Exactly….It just dawned on me Thursday night and when I wrote the piece I had no idea that Peter Ruicci was going to be speaking about the exact same thing before yesterdays game. I enjoy listening to Peter very much. Anyway, all your comments are 100% accurate and the kids need to start playing like it is their last game. Kids like McMullen and Tye Anselmini in my opinion have not shown the leadership on the ice that they were acquired for. I hope that Tynan is not injured and missing games because as I said recently Ivanov needs more starts just in case of this scenario. Fingers crossed Tucker is ok and that Dean starts playing Ivanov more.
      Cheers Chris !1

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