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Tynan and Team Tighten Things Up and Trot Into Guelph up Two Zip

The Soo Greyhounds with the steady play of Tucker Tyan find themselves two wins from moving onto the second round of the playoffs.

This season after acquiring the netminder, the Greyhounds played some pretty sketchy hockey and it was questionable if he was a fit for the team. Some nights he played great but an L was notched on his belt as the team in front of him didn’t do their job. Other nights he played subpar and the team played good and another L was notched on his belt.

But it has been pointed out to me recently that over the his last 10 games or so His play and the play of the team in front of him has improved. Obviously I knew they were playing better winning 6 of their last 7 but I didn’t realize how much the goals against has come down.

As per the play prior to this; was it that both the team and netminders didn’t have any drive left in them?; as they knew that making the playoffs were guaranteed or was it that there was some certainty in their teammates when the lineups started to finally gel after acquiring the likes of Jack Thompson and others.

Losing Tanner Dickinson certainly made a mess of things for awhile but maybe now the kids have finally come together.

I know it is too early for the parade but if the Hounds play the same way they played here in the Soo; there is that chance of a sweep or a finish of the Guelph Storm back here in the Soo.

Tucker has had 2 shutouts in the last 10 games, and in his last 6 starts his save percentage is a staggering .947 and in the post season he has let in only one goal in two games.

His stats are definitely not bias as he has just been announced Goaltender of the Week by the Ontario Hockey League.

Up front the guns are firing and it seems that the Hounds have found some mojo. Yes, the team they are playing is not nearly as talented on paper and on the ice, but the Hounds are playing well in both the defensive and offensive arena.

The Hounds are back in action Tuesday April 26th from the Sleemans Centre in Guelph.

Go Hounds Go !

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