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Jack Thompson Will Not Play Tonight/Hounds Enjoy Their Potato Chips/Boys Played Two Solid Games and This Series Will Go Six

I like to sound like a prophet but it is just like slinging enough mud; some sticks and then you can take credit for it. All in all the Hounds played two games they easily could have won and need not feel down because they are not.

Home ice advantage and the fan energy makes a big difference just like I said when the league and everyone said that playing without fans is no big deal during the C19 funny business where 18 kids sitting on the bench beside each other was bullshit because fans couldn’t sit 18 side by side and well……blah blah blah.

Back to hockey.

The Hounds sure love their Ketchup potato chips it sure seems because all year they have been snacking on them but they had better get All Dressed for the next four games (if it goes that far) or it’s lights out.

The only reason we did not come out with a split or two games was because of Flints star goalie and some defensive play that all year I said would catch up to us if we didn’t drill it into their heads that a defenseman is a defenseman first.

Some of our D men have great offensive prowess but they need to know their limits and once again a few players not to be mentioned because we know who they are were caught behind the play and thus cost us goals and momentum. How many turnovers and odd man rushes do we have to witness before these kids get a talking to in the coaches office?

This is not personal to the ones ….one guy especially because we love your great scoring touch and you are a reason we are where we are but it is called responsibility; your first job is to defend. If we get a nice lead then show off your talent up front but until then you play your position…and not an inch further….please.

If you are going to rush deep into the offensive zone you had better get on your bicycle and be back in position.

These odd man rushes have cost us the series so far in my opinion.

Ryan O’Rourke has played like he should and deserves a lot of credit and he said it the right the other day that we have been peppering shots but need some better angled shots as Luke has been seeing the puck and making many saves but some are just routine. I don’t know why but a lot of shots are high to his glove side and those are the easy ones to stop.

To win tonight we need more heat and grit in front of him and get some garbage goals.

The discipline this series has been magnificent and a couple power plays against is just routine hockey.

Tucker will start tonight to give the boys a bit of a different energy but make no bones about it Sammy you played two great games and are going to be solid with us next year.

Jack Thompson will not be part of the mix as he has received a one game suspension for boarding on Sunday. Thank God the kid from Flint did not play up the hit or it could have been more. 

We will surely miss Jack but the boys will rebound around him.

I would love to write more but work beckons this am so all I can say is Go Hounds and if they play the same way with a bit of grit, the energy from the locals will help them climb back a game.

The last thing I would like to say is that all though I have been preaching discipline, the kids need to play with more anger and keep it a composed anger, They need to make some hard hits count and chirp up and get under the skin of some of the Flint dynamite that has been burning us. We need to get under the skin of Luke and players like Othmann that have had our number.

A few short jabs after the whistle are warranted but nothing too serious.

The Firebirds will not adjust their style so we will have to force them to with our adjustments.

Like I said the Hounds would have won those two games if it were not for goalie Luke Cavallin who is beatable but we have to make him work a bit harder and shots low to the blocker side will be key in my opinion.

Those shots high to the glove side may well be strategy though because if he holds onto them we get an offensive one zone faceoff.

I know I am rambling and I think the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet so with that I bid you a good day.

Go Hounds Go !!

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