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My Observations and Your Thoughts?

Instead of writing one long article and boring you to death I have decided to write a handful of short ones a do the same……hopefully not. I figure the way my brain works I would be writing 24/7 and publishing daily and to be honest with you; I would be exhausted and You the reader would suffer. So below you will find a handful of observations and topics that I have been meaning to write about for the past few weeks.

Exhibit A

Since moving to the Island about 6 weeks ago, I keep hearing from many people I encounter (whether it is a morning walker, a coffee shop patron, a nice lady in the library or what have you) , that one of the main issues for Islanders and tourists is the issue of certain days of the week where one cannot access a restaurant/pub etc to have a pint, a coffee, or some grub. When I first got here there were many times I wanted to go for a coffee to meet the locals but whether I was in the Landing, the Four Corners or Hilton Beach; there was nothing but “closed” on the signage and this through me for a loop. I understand when business is good to be open and when it is not, but when a small community relies on the summer months and tourists to help pay the bills during the offseason I would think that heads across the Island would come together. A few locals I have chatted with agree with my thoughts that maybe the owners of these said venues come together and meet each other in person or via social media and come to an understanding that somehow they would ensure that one of them would be open on Sunday/Monday etc one week and the others would be in rotation thus ensuring visitors could access the above menu on any given day of the week. Whether or not you are in competition for the almighty dollar with other businesses in your category; the bottom line is a happy clientele and repeat and residual business. One other comment I forgot to mention was that I have also heard that some businesses change their hours at the last minute and this also confuses the consumer who maybe was on their way to get a product and did not see on FB the early closing and when they arrive ………Closed. If you are a tourist and your first impression of the Island is beauty, and friendly people, but you have a caffeine addiction or would like to grab a beer and something to eat but after searching high and low come up…. EMPTY?/CLOSED ?; I wonder how they will sell their experience to others… and will they return? It is hard to think for others but I know things like this would cause me to rethink my next visit if I went to Cancun and found out the beaches were closed for repairs. Yeah…lame analogy but I think you see where I am going with this. Anyway in addition to this please insert the locals to the equation as they need to socialize as well and would be more than happy to purchase your product on a Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday or any day of the week. ** Researching of this Exhibit was done via all of the venues that serve the above and not any one was singled out and I wish them all the most success. These are just observations from myself, Islanders, and Tourists that I have chatted with**

Exhibit B

Islanders and tourists to the Island in my view appear to be excellent drivers. I have yet to see a fender bender where I think it would be an almost steady occurrence The parking area and roadway in front of the Hospital and to the left of it and right for up to 15 vehicles each seem to be always full … especially on a busy day. The rest of the road is for two way traffic and even less when vehicles park on the side of the road on that side. What is left? What is left is a very narrow patch of real-estate to drive through and even driving slow…..the parked vehicles backing up must cause minor collisions here and there but…………….I have never seen one and am pleasantly surprised and impressed with the driving skills here on the Island. At first site of this and my first thoughts were that they should have a town by-law where vehicles must back in to their spots for safety reasons, but again since I have not witnessed any incidents I should move on the the “if it aint broke, don’t fix it”

Exhibit C

I recently had a phone chat with Captain Mike and if anyone is wondering; the property that used to be a booming coffee shop is going to be office space . The spot with the garage door is going to be used as a showroom for his boats etc.

Have a great weekend and we’ll see you next Saturday !


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