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Walmart and Gov’t Actors Keep on Scamming Society…………..In my Opinion

If you are not aware by now that the climate change lion is roaring into effective hardcore you are probably living a peaceful existence off the grid. 

Climate change has been bunked and debunked over the decades but the World Economic Forum is pushing it through with its’ unelected criminals. There are only literally a few hundred members that meet yearly to decide what is best for the billions of us.

They started ramping out their agenda about 10 years ago in a very open way and now they are going after the farmers. Massive protests in the Netherlands right now but most do not know this. Asking them to cull their herds to bring about a 30% reduction with CO2 levels is going to kill them on a scale not known to this industry and the rest of us as per food shortage. I am not going to eat bugs man. You guys can but not me. Speaking of eating: I remember eating and melting my first paper straw at the GFL a fears years ago and thought… people are not going to accept this but I was wrong.

Anyway this is a short piece about something you may not have heard yet but during a vote this week in SSM City Council chambers they passed a seious bylaw.

Effective in November local businesses big and small will be fined $500 for still giving out single use plastic bags and hit with $500 each day they don’t comply. Go to S2day or ZooOnline and you will see it.

All Ontario businesses big and small are being told to not use single use plastic bags as it destroys the environment. Doesn’t cigarettes and diamonds do the same as per the carcinogens in the air and the drilling in the Earth to extract this coal? Are they using wind turbines to run these 20 tonne trucks or are they using diesel??? HMMM

To save the environment???? Why don’t they save the environment and carry your groceries with the these useless papers bags for you to your car?. After all; you are making them billions in revenue and they used to give us free bags for purchasing their product. Remember when? Remember the late 70s and 80s and plastic bags and plastic water bottles were King ! They sold you the same lie but spun it differently….they are eco friendly and we can use them again by recycling them. They also used to give you bags free of charge but that wasn’t making them enough money for them so they forced us suckers (in the name of saving the planet) to give them 40 or 50 cents after you paid for your groceries. 

Bring back students to be grocery baggers full time like when store owners had morals so the poor old man and lady didn’t have to bag her own.

 But I guess they can’t do that because they don’t have enough employees. Why is that? Well they started firing people for the self checkout scanners and installed SCANNER154KK and so Chris, Stephanie, and Jerry started getting their pink slips.

This agenda is a a lot more sinister and complicated but I will add to it later but the one thing that always floors me is that when entering Walmart’s is how they approach you for money….let you get your shopping done and then ask for more after you spent $400. This bombardment of gouging is just getting worse by the minute.

Charity. WALMART ???? yeah not so fast.

Supporting charity is fine and dandy when that is what you want to do and you are not under social gunfire.

After you have dodged or decided to donate to the the people they put in place near to where you have to get your shopping carts…..they have another one of these actors at the cash register asking if you would like to donate to this or that charity. They do this scientifically as per the human condition. It is hard to say no to a stranger and especially if there are others right behind you in line. You know it, I know it, and it is as true as the sun sets every 24hours.

Sure it is only $1 but maybe that person doesn’t have it ; he could barely pay for the groceries. The corporations couldn’t care less about forcing their employees into these uncomfortable positions.

The main benefiter of charity in regards is Wal-Mart. They don’t have a picture of the hundreds of us who donated and we don’t get to write it off as a tax deduction either. 

Hey I know I really jumped around on here but this topic and the greed by these companies and the overreach by gov’t have got me at an all time high (frustration). 

Anyway my interview with Mayor J. Wildman has been delayed a little but will happen next week.

Have a great weekend!!


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