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When Reading the OBITs is a Daily Habit……You’re Getting There

And not just figuratively but physically; both in body and print. No this is not going to be sad little article but just a reminder that there are plans for each of us on this planet and beyond. I found out this weekend that ANOTHER person I went to high school had suddenly passed away in his sleep. That is about 4 people this year that I personally knew that are no longer with us. Just like the other ones they were exceptional people but I had not seen them in decades. This person I saw at a concert a few years ago and he was as friendly and nice as ever. I don’t think he had even aged. Anyway he will be missed but let’s not miss this opportunity to remind ourselves that we are mortal and to do the best we can while we are here. Sure we make mistakes and make bad choices but it is what is inside right at this moment that counts. 

This is not a political debate just a sobering thought that our time will come; that is a fact and so we must remember to try and be kind to everyone at all times because we may not have a chance to say a proper goodbye and we may not have a chance to say a proper sorry. 

Why write about this? Maybe it is therapy as I was going to write about the Greyhounds and a few bones (ha ha) to pick with the Canadian Hockey League but I will leave that until later this week. 

Anyway; this is just a little reminder for myself and feel free to use it. Be kind as much as humanly possible.

RIP Rich

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