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Crunch Crunch Crunch !!

Yes, before you know it you will hear that crunch crunch sound of the leaves under your boots as you walk on your property or anywhere on the Island. We are just about 1 week out of September and this is the time of year that I love. I almost titled this piece Shorter Days and Longer Nights. As I decided on the above title I couldn’t help but humm Wasted Days and Wasted Nights by……….Freddy Fender. I admit I had to Google Fast Freddys name as I knew the song but only in passing. Musically I am considered a metal head and otherwise a cement head but I do like the verse of this song.

crunch crunch crunch

Anyway; as I have told many people over the years, I prefer living in this area of the globe where we have 4 seasons distributed equally for the most part. 3 months of Spring, 3 months of Summer blah blah blah.

To be honest I feel the best (mentally) in the Fall and Winter for some reason. It has a kind of romantic nostalgia for me. The dark and crisp nights with the clear skies and the breathe in front of you on an early Fall evening is just spiritually soothing for me. Actually the word comforting comes to mind as well. I know it’s odd because all the literature says that more sunlight and Vitamin D are better for the mental state of mind but I have always been a bit Bass Ackwards.

If I look back during my younger years I remember this coming time of year as happy in my childhood and especially in my high school years. I can remember getting up at 5 am and showering and getting ready for school and walking down Willow Avenue in the Soo to land at the YMCA. I would get to the gym at 6 on the dot and workout until 7:30. After a nice sauna and shower I would get my stuff and head to St Marys College which was only another 10 minute walk. With the endorphin rush and my St Marys College uniform bursting and full via the pump I got at the gym I felt happy, confident, and just in the zone. 

They say most of your personality is breathed into you during your primary and early teens years and I think this is part of it. I would feel the same peace if I couldn’t make the gym in the morning because walking to the Y at 6pm would be identical…..with only the difference being of a bit more traffic. Otherwise it would be dark, solitary, cool, and refreshing.

Aside from the obvious weather events being different in Septiembre; the whole dynamics of things change socially for a variety of reasons.. from kids going back to school to new employment opportunities etc. Life for the next 9 months or so consists of a semi normal of Mon to Fri work/school and then weekends off. 

I also embrace this time of year as per the Soo Greyhounds. I am not a big fan of the NHL or other pro sports as per the greed of the business…..but that is another story.

With the Greyhounds I get to not only watch and enjoy the kids in action but I get to write (as per my Dog Bytes column) & critique as a coach from the couch. Sometimes I get things right and sometimes I don’t but it is fun and rewarding when I get a comment to one of my observations that supports my thoughts and conjecture. 

Now I won’t start counting the days until Christmas (121..Google did that) but Hells Evening is just around the corner and I can’t wait for my first Halloween Costume Party. You have one of those here on the Island right? If not let’s get one going. I think it would be great to dress up and have a party out here in one of the cornfields. Who remembers Children of the Corn? Who remembers Count Floyd and Doctor Tongues House of Pancakes !!…..ooh scary stuff boys and girls.

So getting back to the Hounds, the upcoming season starts with physicals and on ice skating in about a week and then after that things swing into motion with exhibition games etc.

Oh yeah!! I know what I meant to say before I got distracted. Back in the olden days it was nice on game nights in Sept and October to dress up and walk in the cool night air to the warm family fellowship of the fellow Hounds fans at the arena. I’d watch the game by myself or with friends and afterwards head home on a high if we won or mumbling what I would have done if I were coach if we lost. Me as a coach? I can’t even tie my skates properly.

Back on track. Did I tell you that I also like sweaters? No seriously part of the greatness of this coming season is sweater weather. One of my faves of all time was the old Shaker Knit ones that you could get at Dapper Dan or Jack Frazier in the Cambrian Mall. I loved those fabrics and man oh man I am searching high and low this year for one. 

Back on the ice; this year I will not be able to attend many games but I do intend on watching them on the boobie tubie with like minded people here on the Island. There is a plan that is kind of in place and I am just awaiting confirmation and some hard blueprints.

I know there is much Greyhound passion in the area so I am sure my previously mentioned idea will be a money maker.

Things are getting close to puck drop time and you know it when the acquisitions and personnel change announcements are made. In the past three weeks there has been about 4 major media releases by the organization and you can check my archives if you haven’t heard about those.

Another one trickled in yesterday and if you are not aware, the Hounds just acquired the rights to forward Harrison Ballard who is the great grandson of the late Toronto Maple Leafs owner Harold Ballard. This acquisition is another big kid as he stands 6 feet and 2 inches. The Hounds still have to work on this deal as he is tentatively committed to playing College hockey in the States but the Hounds and Raftis are taking a gamble that they can convince him that this is a better development route for him. 

Oh yeah……….. that part about Harrison being the great grandson of the late Harold Ballard was completely false; I made it up so….. I hope you have read this far before tweeting or texting this to your friends.

So anyway I am spent on this article; I am looking forward to a nice night of doing a whole lotta nothing.

Regarding my thoughts about looking forward to September……I am sure many of you agree…… especially the parents of young kids.

As the Canadian comedian Derek Seguin from CBC’s the The Debaters says “who invented summer holidays for kids; I know we didn’t vote for it; I mean I have to send my kids to school…..soon, so I can love them again”

Anyway have a great weekend. 


24 thoughts on “Crunch Crunch Crunch !!

  1. peter moseley says:

    summer is my thing, but good reading

  2. peter moseley says:

    summer is my thing, but good reading, hopefully the hockey bob tube works out

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