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Barry Elliott is Running For St Joseph Township Mayor/Peppi Has Flown the Coup/Two Canada Geese

Wednesday August 31

As I hammer out more kinks in the armor and get used to Elementor (website & publication software) and it’s different features I will be bringing the area more news and information. To say it will be a full blown news outlet will be a stretch but, it will definitely be something different and interesting. 

What Will Be Included Mr. Skinner?

                                Great question Rudi !

Well first of all we will be generally covering interesting odds and ends and things that are not normally written about or that I have rarely seen written about in the area. I may write about the wandering cat named Shadow in the downtown RL area, I may write about the screaming kids two nights ago in the downtown RL area lol, and I might even write about the Americans I met just the other day with the mini Kid Rock yacht moored at the marina. Yes this was a yacht but in no way a Kid Rocker but a nice boat just the same. I will also write about sports and cover the Soo Greyhounds like a favorite sweater. I will write about the good things and bad; there is no sugarcoating for me. These days of politically correct writing to please the organization are too woke for me. I call it as it is. Peter Ruicci and Bill Montague were two writers that I admired for writing what they saw and heard and not what they thought the organization would prefer. 

There Will Be A Three Way Race For Mayor of St Joseph Township

It was brought to my attention recently that current councilor Barry Elliot will be challenging Katherine Henshell and Mayor Jody Wildman for the seat this October. I have reached out to Mr. Elliot for a brief chat on why he is running and what he thinks need to changed. I will report back soon. 

Have a sense of humor please !!

Peppi Flew the Coup with Two Canada Geese

I was going to go and see Peppi one last time but when I got tot the marina his houseboat and truck/camper were gone. I would have loved to have bid him a good farewell but it was not to be. There was something about that man that interested me. The last time we spoke he told me some stories about escaping Austria during the war and his near fatal car accident with his brother. I would have loved to have captured those stories in detail for you but the cards didn’t get shuffled. Anyway I am sure our friend is almost back to his roots in Quebec and let’s hope he changes his mind and returns next year with the Canada Geese. Speaking of Geese; I heard two honking and flying southeast last night and thought it was pretty early so I don’t know if we are in for a terrible winter or not; heck we are technically still in summer until October 21.

I Leave You With a Philosophical Question of the Day

Regarding Canada Geese; I find something curious when I look up at them flying in formation. It has perplexed me for years. At times when they fly in their V pattern/formation you will often see it longer on one side than the other. Why is this? Does anybody know?

Philosophical Answer of the Day

                                                            ……because there are more Geese on that side !

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