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The Wharf Restaurant Going Under?/Crystal Shawanda Is Coming?/Kyle Raftis Interview


Country Fans on the Island?

I know there are many country fans here on the Island and the area as a whole. That is why I have inked a YouTube Zoom interview with the one and only Crystal Shawanda for next week. Check out my YouTube channel Border City Rock Talk and Subscribe as to not miss it. Who knows….maybe we can get her to play during the Island music festival next year? Trust me…..these things can happen. 

Soo Greyhounds Kyle Raftis and I/One on One

With the Hounds season underway as per training camp I have confirmed an interview through Gerry Liscumb Jr with the always polite and professional Kyle Raftis. You may think it will be another cliché and boring interview as per hockey GM’s but it will not be. I will ask the obvious questions but I have a few hardball ones as well. It doesn’t hurt to ask and I know Kyle will be as honest as he always is. Stay tuned as that is also next week. 

The Wharf Coffee Shop and Restaurant Going Under ?

Since moving here I have heard many a rumor and boy those things travel fast. The thing is if one particular rumor is accurate and I believe it is then some involved will be eating crow. What I mean is that a group have been heard to say and taking bets (not literally) on when The Wharf in downtown Richards Landing will go under or fail. Well kids; I have news for you. I have seen some of the renos that have already taken place and what the new restaurant will look like and you will be blown away when it opens. I believe that this will be the new hot spot during the cold winter months. Without getting into too much, I will just say that they are opening soon and you are in for a treat! 

Joke del Dia !

A young frightened boy during a rain and thunderstorm asks his father why it thunders and makes noise. His father replies that God and the Angels are bowling. He then asks why there are streaks of lightening and his father says that God is making light for the sailors at sea to navigate their ships. The boy feels better and then asks…Dad why does it rain? The father pauses and responds that baby Jesus is sad and crying. Why Dad? the young boy in sorrow and sadness asks. 

                                          “I am not sure Son, but it’s probably because of something you did”



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