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It’s Gonna Be a Killer Day as Russ and the Boys are in Town

Tuesday September 13

Yes today is the day and Tym Morrison will get those in attendance revved for the Killer Dwarfs who are passing through on their 40th and Still Standing Tall Tour. Tonight its Soo Blaster and tomorrow they hit the Coulson Hotel in the nickel city.

To say the rockers were itching to get here is an understatement as the bands tour manager called me at midnight to report that they were finally here after a 9 hour bus ride. I sensed something in Rob’s voice and it was that he and the band were hoping to get “lucky”. It did sound like they were having fun for sure as I could hear the bells, whistles, and sirens in the background of the Gateway Casino. 

The band; Russ Dwarf, Darrell Millar, Johnny Fenton and Gerry Finn will be playing all of your favorite hits including Stand Tall, Doesn’t Matter, Driftin Back, Keep the Spirit Alive and many many more. If you don’t have tickets; it’s ok as you can get them at the door tonight at 6pm.Show starts with Tym at 7 and the Dwarfs will be on not too long after that. Have a great night !!


Just like the Red and White game; I can’t get into the exhibition games mentally either. Sloppy games etc… is just like watching a train wreck but I understand they are needed. What I have noticed so far that I really like is about  the play and praising words I have been hearing about goalie Charlie Schenkel. I was sad to see him leave last year as I really like the unusual style he plays. Keep it up Charlie and you might find yourself between the pipes more times than not this year. 


I have seen some of the inside of the WHARF 2.0 and it looks great. By the picture posted below you can see the definite Steamy Beam or Central Perks kind of vibe it will entail. I can’t wait until this baby opens so I can hike on in on a stormy winter day for my java fix. Delays have caused Kirby and Victoria much anxiety but I have a feeling there is some light coming from the end of the tunnel. 

     If you haven’t seen it yet; here is my interview with Canadian Country/Blues star Crystal Shawanda

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