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Why Are So Many People Going to Bow to the Queen?


I'm a Sympathetic Person But.......

If I get some flak over my honest feelings so be it. I have just as much sympathy for anyone that passes. I break down literally and cry like a baby when a cat I have cared for  passes away. So when a friend or family member close to me passes I have just as much pain as any person. But why are so many millions of people…..from modernized countries out in droves laying flowers and kneeling in front of British Embassies and/or will be glued to their televisions on Monday for person that they have never met.

Why Is She Promoted as a God Like Figure?

She was born into wealth and privilege and may have been a great woman but it boggles my mind that growing up,  I would see her on the news at a memorial or giving a Christmas speech……in all reality to her “subjects”? 

This is lunacy; are we so insecure that we worship and idolize another human with similar DNA because she is a “royal”? To all of the Catholics to which I am one; is her blood the same as Christs? Did she perform miracles or live in poverty? This type of idolizing is something you would see an 11 year girl do for her Paul McCartney to give an example. 

When you talk about poverty in the world but you live in multiple castles, have riding horses in your stables worth $millions of dollars, servants, etc etc ……I just can’t see the connection of being worthy of being worshipped. I am sorry….it’s exactly like Bill Gates or Trudeau telling us we need to stop climate change and live off the grid to save the planet, but at the same time own multiple homes and private jets.


When Diana was murdered (in my opinion and the opinion of many) there was an outpouring of sympathy that I had never seen before in my life. Maybe the passing of Mother Theresa or Pope John Paul was similar but to me ; that was justified as we saw a woman who left an abusive marriage and live like the rest of us.. as much as she could. She literally let her flesh knees touch the sand in poverty stricken areas of Africa to hold and touch a sick baby etc. Sure she still had the wealth but the point is as a human; you knew that she was just like you and I. She suffered the same miseries like depression etc etc and in the end she was taken just for being a woman who decided that she wanted to live free from media scrutiny, the pomp ceremonies, and the cookie cutter and strictly organized life of a “royal”

Out of Respect ?

All around the world services that affect you and me, such as City Council meetings are cancelled or postponed “out of respect” for a nice grandmotherly like figure. Seriously out of respect? It’s because these bobbleheads in power know that if they don’t do what Timmins or Sudbury does they may be frowned upon. These (you would expect) …intelligent public servants can’t fit in 3 hours for a meeting? I mean how many tears are in their ducts that they will be whimpering watching the tele all day? 

I Figured It Out

I have to stop writing as this could be an all day event like Monday ha ha ; but is it possible that many are using this woman’s passing, and it’s 10 day media fix.. because they need an out in real life similar to watching a soap opera or reading a fairy tale? Times are pretty bleak right now with wars, poverty, inflation, etc and maybe it’s just an escape for them. I mean there are so many things that don’t add up. Her blood was red, her hair got grey, she became frail in the past few years and most importantly.. she couldn’t outlast mortality.  

                              With that being said she was a human like you and I so why Worship?

7 thoughts on “Why Are So Many People Going to Bow to the Queen?

  1. Lilian says:

    Hi, I haven’t finished reading yet. But I want to tell you the Queen is not Catholic, none of them are. But the Queen has changed one of the rules of the monarchy before passing away so that they “the royals” can marry catholics now.
    The Queen is in fact Anglican.

    1. AUTHOR says:

      Thx Lilian for reading. My point wasn’t that the monarchy was Catholic…it was just aquick analogy to make a comparison of a woman that needs no worship… that in my opinion the general masses of the millions that adore her don’t even know anything about her….they just idolize out of programming by watching the news from the time they could as kids until now. Thx again for reading !

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