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The Dreamy Fog Hospital

Saturday September 17

Romantic Infatuation

If you are on my Facebook you may have noticed a bunch of pictures I posted from the marina here on the Island. I referenced how eerie similar they were to the movie The Fog and in particular Antonio Bay. If you are like me there is some kind of romantic feeling from watching certain movies and you get the same feeling no matter how many times you view them.

 After posting those pics I decided to watch it again and WoW ! ; viewing it with the floor to ceiling windows in the background and the trees visible behind in the dark cloudy Richards Landing night brought me back to the first time I watched it.


and sooooo..

What Is So Special ?

well I'll tell ya....

What is special about movies like this is the raw and real aspect of its’ cutting, editing, sound, and most of all for me and this movie……its’ video. This movie has color but a kind of grainy color. These days you can watch a movie and not know if it is high def or animation. I mean The Simpsons are obviously ok animated but I prefer the innocence in a movie that was produced with the plot in mind rather than how many effects they can get in there. Hey let’s add this….let’s add that….ok cool man…..doesn’t do it for me. If you are still not sure of what I mean; this movie is similiar (not plot) to the original The Excorcist.

I know some of you are curious about the movie but I won’t spoil it; I will just give you a teaser from my point of view. It opens with legendary actor John Houseman with his disheveled grey beard and raspy voice talking to young kids at a campfire. The flames are brushing his face in the dark night and the coals are popping while he orates. There is some great John Carpenter piano music which is accompanied by a Edgar Allen Poe quote fading from the screen “All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream”.

The Fog only has about 4 primary stars in it including an up and coming Jamie Lee Curtis; but the woman in the lighthouse with her soft voice is the one for me. She speaks late at night via the local radio station and protects the seaman in the Bay.

The movie is about the hauntings of fishermen who passed in the night on their Clipper in the late 1800’s in Antonio Bay. They take revenge on the townspeople during the hour of their passing on the anniversary of their death. It has religious tones, some sexy sexy, a Mom and little boy relationship, and a few other touches. It is easy to follow, not drawn out, clever, probably one of the best movies I have ever watched. 

If I had to single out the most important thing for me it would be the opening and its’ music and how it unfolds brilliantly to the end where the haunting piano fades back in to the creditsI hope you check it out. 

Richards Landing Antonio Bay Marina

The Hospital Thing?

Oh yeah the hospital thing. Well here is the tape on the skates. I woke up this morning a bit groggy or foggy ha ha and remember the dream I came out of. 

Apparently I got an entry level job at the hospital and it was my first day…. but I was a few hours late. My friend dropped me off near the Bushplane for some reason and the next thing you know there was a helicopter in the water. I witnessed the crash as it dropped into the water propelor first with three passengers on board. There were no serious injuries but that the funny thing was that it was the same helicopter I was in only moments ago; it was my lift to work.

After getting to the hospital to start my first day, I was put at a desk…… front of the elevators. I had trouble concentrating on my intro to the company type of assignments and called Pammie in Human Resources. She walked me through a few things but it was very frustrating with all of the people walking by my office.  Anyway the dream ended like this. 

I was in the hospital parking lot for some reason and when I turned my back, some woman drove by my picnic basket and ran over my glasses. I called HR once again and they told me that they would not reimburse me for the glasses. She also said as per policy they hold back the first 11 weeks of all new hire paychecks.  


Enjoy your Saturday and keep coming back 

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