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Here In Richards Landing; Does Anyone Know Who Owns It or Where It Is ?/Soo Greyhounds

Sunday September 18 & My Daughters 24th Birthday !!

Owner and Cabin Location Found

It wasn’t actually that hard to find. If you go to the Womens Instutue beach on Russell Road it will be there. Actually if you go to the marina it will be there; I have only been to those places a few times in weeks. The funny thing is if I go back home……it’s also there. I am talking about Cabin Fever my friends which is located inside my head and I hold the mortgage. 

Since the tourists and seasonals have gone back home for the most part I find less energy (not only visible but physical in the Hz form/science confirms energy on the nanoscale constantly changes) around you. The beach is empty, the marina is empty, the roads are generally empty etc etc.

Now, it is not all doom and gloom and never was: even this past weekend there was a large gathering outside the Church just down the street (wedding prob) but …..there is a noticable change in the weather (energy) around us. 

This being my first season on the Island, I have never experieced a pace this slow, and over the past two weeks I guess it has given me a bit of shack malaise. Aside from the odd jaunt to the Soo for supplies I am pretty much stuck inside and there are only so many books you can read, so many projects you can tackle, etc before the paint starts to chip or the color fades.

12 Sleeps


Things are not dire my friends as there are some great things coming up that are going to fill those voids. To start with, the Hounds kick off the season on Sept 30 which is only 12 sleeps away. During the Hound season I am pretty much a hermit anyway, where getting up on a game day is like Christmas morning. I will have more to write about and I look forward watching the game in my happy space via CHL streaming. It doesn’t look like the Greyhound Game Night at a local gathering place is going to take place as per previous articles but don’t you worry your pretty little hearts…as I will now place the stoker in some different coals and see what happens. 

Greyhounds News…cricket crickt cricket… since their last exhibition game on September 10 where they secured a 3-1 exhibition win over Saginaw.

If you are one of those true hardcore fans well this might cheer you up. About a week ago the Hounds announced the signing of 6 ft 1 / 12.9 stone RW Alex Kostov. Other than that, unless there is something of interest for me to update you on you’ll have to be patient. The last exhibition game is next Friday and the regular season starts the Friday after that. Keep your chin up when you go into the boards and get ready…Go Hounds Go !

How Do You Handle Cabin Fever?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey!! The local gathering place would be happy to host game nights ..

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