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Absolute Insanity as Teacher and School Board Need Professional Help

Human Gets 15 Minutes of Fame & More

I can’t confirm that “Stephen or Kayla” identifies today as male or female so I will be on the safe side and use HUMAN to address this person. 

About a week ago, a teacher at a high school in Oakville Ontario attended school to teach classes sporting the above costume. The story behind the scenes is that this human started to identify as a female sometime late last year.

Obviously most parents with common sense that had kids going to that school were outraged; they let the school and board know that it was inappropriate, and that the teacher should be suspended and upon returning wear proper clothing. 

Well guess what ?; ain’t happening. The morons at the school board have said they will not discipline this human as Bill C-16 protects their “gender expression” and is protected under the Canadian Human Rights Act. Are you kidding me ??!! The Canadian Charter and Bill of Rights have not been applied to for almost three years. Heck you can’t even apply ownership to your own body these days or get a medical exemption because the sited documents above are worthless. I guess if you’re in the woke category they get applied. 

Let’s get one thing straight; millions of people around the world have heard about this story and are outraged and rightly so. Are we transphobic? 

 NO !! No NO nO Non NON no no no no no !!!

We don’t care if you are MultiGender or NonGender; the point is that it wouldn’t be tolerated if it were a hetersoxual teacher doing similar. Weak politcians and weak school board employees and trustees are also a huge part of problem. “Just doing my job”. When have we heard that one before eh ?. Hmmm

Imagine…..Imagine….Imagine………for one second, a hetersexual male teacher showing up to class with tight Jordache or Bad Idea Jeans…(oops aging myself ha ha ). Imagine…Imagine….Imagine…he was wearing a “strap-on” that was tightly anchored to his/her leg. The outrage would be instant. The school would be in lockdown and the police would be called to have this pedophile removed from the premises.

If this is the first time you have heard about this I am suprised because it has gone global; there is not too much of a back story to it either ; the human decided after so many years on this planet that they/it/she/zir/zim wanted to “identify” as a different form of human suddenly. 

…….exactly ! We don’t care either, just don’t shove it in our faces. How are kids expected to learn with a clown teaching them and all the media and attention this is receiving ? 

How about we do this; every kid at that school that is in a class with this human, should identify as someone who now suffers from trauma, and should thus identify as someone who doesn’t have to identify as attending this class until a new educator is properly put in place.



The kicker is this my friends; the Oakville Trafalgar High School has a dress code which states that while the student or faculty may express their gender identity…they cannot and must refrain from wearing clothing that “exposes or makes visible genitals and nipples.”

**I did my part and it only takes a few moments; wait for the prompts and ask to be transferred to the main office. They will give you another number to call but I am sure they are getting the message….I was polite and I am sure my readers will be as well. Oakville Trafalgar High School (905) 845-2875**


3 thoughts on “Absolute Insanity as Teacher and School Board Need Professional Help

  1. Michae says:

    Well we’ll well. Someone finally said it. We’ve all been dancing around this insanity long enough. When are we as a society going to stop making rules to protect absurd behavior as if it were normal. We’re past generations wrong in setting rules to disallow such ridiculous displays of rebellion. Sure, I’m old, but that doesn’t mean that I’m out if touch with reality for not accepting this as acceptable. It’s time to put the proverbial foot down and demand and stop letting so called officials make crazy decisions that allow this to go on. A good case of the tail waging the dog

    1. Thx for your comments Mike; it is true…it is like the proverbial elephant in the room that everyone pretends not to see

  2. peter moseley says:

    This is disgusting, I would not allow my child to be in this “person” classroom, Time to return respect in society.

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