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Only On St Joseph Island ! ? / Funny Friday / DIO Documentary Interview

Is Anyone Missing an ATM Machine ?

Good Morning/Afternoon, or whenever you check in. Today is going to be a light read but not boring. Funny Friday it is. Last week I thought I witnessed something that only happens somewhere else, but I caught on film… my head. I happened to be looking out my living room window last Saturday afternoon and low and behold there was snapping turtle crossing the road. I called Sherry and she didn’t believe me at first. When she did check it out for herself, we had a good laugh….“wow, lots of action in Richards Landing; first a wedding and then a turtle crossing the road” I said. So why did the turtle cross the road? We’ll never know because with all the traffic he didn’t make it. Cars were slowing down and veering around him, but his luck ran out. No, he wasn’t hit….he just couldn’t make it across the street to wherever he wanted to go. A couple of nice humanoids saw the confused tortoise and walked over and gently picked up Snappy by the shell. He was snapping the air like you wouldn’t believe. Anyway, the turtle was put in the grass deep in the parking lot of the bank and we assume he made it back to the water. Poor Snappy didn’t get to cross the road. 

I was at a friend’s place yesterday and apparently Canadian Tire is now licensed by the LCBO. My friend and her husband told me that they recently bought one of those decorative whiskey barrels from the CT in the Soo. They noticed it had a bit of moisture and after wiping it a few times and inspecting the barrel; low and behold it had whiskey in the bottom. They strained it about 4 times to filter out the wood particles etc and in the end they wound up filling 4 big masing jars…lol. This a true story and the moral or the takeaway from it is that if you are at Canadian Tire in the near future; go and rock a couple of the barrels to see which one is heaviest. 

Now yesterday was kind of the topper; We were going for ice cream after dinner and on our way to the Trading Post we stopped at the intersection by the Legion. Unreal what I saw. Turning in front of us was a older model pickup truck with a lawnmower in the back and a ……………….Automated Tell Machine… shit…..An ATM just sitting in the back minding its’ own business. We were gonna “follow the money” but our ice cream craving was stronger. 

Disclaimer: In no way am I suggesting it was stolen. It is also hard to find a picture of an ATM sitting in a pickup truck bed so hence the redneck cattle hauler. 

Black Sabbath

If you happen to be a fan of hard rock bands like Black Sabbath or DIO you might want to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel Border City Rock Talk . Today I am interviewing the producer of the documentary DIO : Dreams Never Die..about the late great Ronnie James Dio. His name is Demian Fenton and I will be asking all sorts of questions related to Ronnie and 80’s hard rock. It should be uploaded and published by Sunday at the very latest


“I remember how my great Uncle Jerry would sit on the porch and whitte all day long. Once he whittled me a toy boat out of a larger toy boat I had. It was almost as good as the first one, except it now had bumpy whittle marks all over it; and not paint….because he had whittled off the paint.”  Jack Handey


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