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Freedom Fighters on the Island/Saturdays of Old

Since moving to the area, one thing that surprised me politically was how many people were awake. I was kind of pleasantly shocked to learn how many Freedom Fighters there were. I am not sure if it is because  there are a high number of truckers in the area or what, but I have seen the signs, banners, logos on vehicles, and in windows shockingly more than I would have suspected before. 

I have heard stories of dozens.. if not hundreds of people meeting at Hwy 17 and feeding/greeting the Convoy that went to Ottawa last winter to protest the dictatorial mandates and lies that came from our elected officials. Liberal, Conservative, NDP etc they are all in involved in some way, shape or form. The jig is up and their lies our now being exposed as it is impossible to keep the truth at bay… even with the obvious deplatforming and censorship on social media that should have been your first clue that something was not right. 

For whatever reason God gave me the intuition and insight one week into the “plandemic” and my thoughts and educated guesses have been a bullseye for the most part. It didn’t take a crystal ball; just some gut instinct, reading, questioning, and critical thinking

I have talked to people in the medical field here on the Island as well as just your ordinary person like me and it seems that people here are a bit more open minded or so it appears. Maybe in the Soo it is easier to stick out like a sore thumb in a larger population; so (as to) not wanting to be singled out or ostracized might be why many wouldn’t stand on their own principles…..who knows.

Anyway without losing my readership base I will just leave it at that. Thanks to all of you who have an opinion. If you don’t take sides, you give the foe that much more ammunition. Remember this; people that grew up under fascist states like Germany and Italy (Mussonlini/Hitler) will tell you it all happened very slowly marching in lockstep where your rights were taken away under your nose and you didn’t even know it. 

Creature Feature

I know this is going to age me and maybe you but Saturdays are not the same for me anymore. I remember looking forward to Saturday for many reasons. 

The first one was watching cartoons in the am while my Mother slept. Bugs Bunny, Batman, Tom and Jerry, The Flintsones, ScoobyDoo, The Jetsons, etc. I especially liked watching them in the winter and all bundled up in a blanket while eating my Pac Man or Count Chocula cereal. 

Lame? No I don’t think so. It is just good old memories of times when as kids we didn’t have much stress in our lives. 

I also miss watching Creature Feature on channel 4 (50/WKBD Detroit) at 3pm in the afternoon after a good game of hockey at the local outdoor rink. The good old horror movies like Dracula, Rosemarys Baby, The Thing, Dr. Tongues 3D Evil House of Pancakes etc. It was the whole atmosphere but instead of cereal it was hot tuna melts. 

During the evenings I would watch the Montreal Canadians play hockey as I was a fan back then. The players were not as spoiled as they are today. The salaries the guys make now are not reasonable. Sure the agents have a lot to do with hiking up the salaries as per their own cut, but in the end the players today seem “entitled” and to be blunt….greedy. 

Anyway, back in the day on a Saturday night I would watch the Habs whether it was on CBC channel 6 or even on the french station channel 13. I could care less if I understood french or not. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out “Robinson blah blah blah, Savard blah blah blah, Lafleur….et la buts…!!” I may have spelled that wrong but hey, I am the furthest thing from a genius. 

Now I don’t remember what I would be eating while watching the games but since my Mom had her bowling league and was not home, I am pretty sure it was either peanute butter and jam on toast or baking chocolate; yeah she sure got pissed when she went to do some baking lol.              


What Am I Doing Today?/Saturday September 24th?

Well today consists of video editing and a hike around the St Joseph Fort or Fort St. Joseph..I have not been there yet so I am looking forward to .

I may take the day off tomorrow and rest my brain as it is challenging to write everyday. Rest assured I will be back on Monday with some interesting articles for the week. 

Have a great day !! 


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