St. Joseph Islander Review

Fort St. Joseph Is About to Close / Greyhounds Gonna Chase Knights Again This Year/Charlie Schenkel/Sniffles Is Back

Saturday Stroll

I have been here on Gilligan’s Island for 4 months now and can’t picture a better place to live. Having said that, I realized on Saturday that I hadn’t visited or checked out Fort St. Joseph. On my bike rides I would see the signs but just never made it that far, so I decided to investigate. 

The “tour” for lack of a better word was not too bad. The 15-minute movie describing the Fort and how it went through being burnt down, rebuilt, and stationing 45-ish soldiers was quite interesting. The artifacts were also very interesting to me; especially the metal buttons from the late 1700’s that were unearthed by archaeologists. 

After we watched the video and checked out the remains of the era, we went outside to see the ruins of a life from yesterday. 

The ruins to be honest weren’t as exciting as ones I have seen in the past such as Machu Picchu or Teotihuacan, but they had their own spirit. Even though aside from the chimney there wasn’t much left over but a few stones in the grass; the view over the Lake was romantic. I could picture sailors aboard ships and/ or natives rowing out in canoes West on their way to Mackinaw Island for a preemptive attack. I was actually surprised to learn of this (historical account of the British/Canadian attack on Fort Mackinaw) and also the fact that we were only 40 Miles from the Island I have been to many times. 

Without getting into a long-winded story about what I learned about John Askin, The Indian Federation, etc. I will just say that I learned a lot about the history of this Island via a very enthusiastic musketeer. 

You see the gentleman that greeted us upon our arrival to the centre was the same person that gave us a demonstration on how to fire a musket. He was very much a Chatty Cathy from Chattanooga, and I appreciated his energy and zest and so did the others who were there. 

Anyway, if you have not checked out the Fort, you had better do so soon as it is closing for the season. The last three days it will be open are Wed/Thurs/Friday of this week. They are closed today and tomorrow.

Actual chair that John Askin would sit in watching his miltia train. (Canadian Historical Society/Upper Canada)

Hounds Blanked In Last Exhibition Game

This past Friday the Hounds concluded their last exhibition game of the season with a 4-0 loss to the Sudbury Wolves The only takeaway from this game for me was that Charlie Schenkel started the game and faced 36 shots and stopped 32 of them. I have a strong feeling that he may be the go-to guy as the season gets underway this Friday at home against North Bay. I liked the way Charlie played last year and I like his passion and unorthodox style. We’ll see what happens.

On another Hound note; I have been watching the wire on the status of imports Julian Lutz and Noel Nordh. At this time both are listed as property of teams in their respective countries of Germany and Sweden. So far Noel has played 4 games (4 pts) with Brynas in the J20 Nationell League and is listed as “Under Contract” ……and Julian who plays in a men’s league of sorts (EHC Munchen); in 4 games has yet to dress. If these players and their agents want them to progress in their development, they will need to play. Arizona has the rights to Julian and maybe him sitting in the stands will provoke some chatter with Raftis to get him on the ice here. 

I think it is only a matter of time before the 2nd import slot is filled for the Hounds, but I understand it can be a lengthy process and a matter of time could be a matter of a long time; let’s hope not. 

Again…..the London Knights will contend for an OHL Championship ,if not a Memorial Cup. The best goalie in junior hockey right now, Brett Brochu, has been sent back after short stint at the Vancouver Canucks training camp. With player like Logan Mailloux, Brody Crane and Ryan Del Monte at their disposal, the Knights will enter the season in the CHL top 10 rankings for sure. 

** Make sure to stock up on your NeoCitran, Vicks, and Orange Juice as it appears Sniffles the Flu bug has appeared on the Island. Mine is just over 24 hours old and other than some mild sinus discomfort I am good to go go**


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