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Who Bought the Island Market Block and Property?

New Kid On the Block

Over the past few days of having coffee at my favorite watering hole, I have heard that the block containing addresses 1192.1196/1198 Richards St has been sold. The first price rumored was 1.3 million dollars but upon investigation I found it was sold for substantially less than that; but not pocket change for sure.

Do you think this is big news? I kind of do, as it entails the only grocery store for kilometers, an LCBO, and a small business. I hope the paperwork stipulated that the grocery store remain but I am not sure if that would be legal. I would hope the seller (whom I know) would have asked the purchaser to consider this. On the other hand an LCBO is not a necessary staple for a community to survive and if the new owner allowed the lease to expire and not renew….people could just as easily go to Canadian Tire where they sell whiskey barrels containing whiskey. (Click Here for INFO) If you don’t want to head to the Soo…there is always the Trading Post on the highway.

Anyway, the real ones to be hurt if major changes were to be made would be the small business owner of Moose Sweats and the residential tenant that lives on the property.

I am submitting my request to the land registry department to inquire on who the property was purchased by and will let you know when I find out. I will then approach them in hopes of finding out if things will be business as usual or if there will be some changes. 

Travel to Michigan After Oct 1 ? .....Not So Fast: This is What You Need To Know

While many of you were excited to learn that Arrive Can will be trashed October 1, I may unfortunately have to rain on your parade. Forcing people to take an MRNA injection to travel is a crime in itself and thousands of Ontarians were held behind bars, so to speak if they wanted to go to Traverse City or a concert over the past year. In order to do those things up until now, you would have had to submit to the needle and take tests (faulty PCR) to show a negative result for Covid. If the PCR test or Antigen test shows positive….Big Brother would have your medical data and make sure you didn’t leave your home during the detentio…..I mean isolation period. 

With these two dictatorial obstacles removed you would think that it’s time to pack that suitcase and get some travel in before the next “pandemic” comes…….and it’s coming as Bill Gates has warned us… it is imminent. Google it if you don’t believe me. 

Anyway; I just got off the phone with Customs Border Agency based at Sault Ste. Marie Michigan and if you don’t have your “papers” you’ll be turned back as quickly as a bunch of young adults who are being too goofy in front a customs officer with no patience and a hate for Canada. 

Yup he confirmed. As of now if you arrive buy vehicle at any of the entry points to Michigan you will need to show proof of vaccination. SOOO I guess unless the politicians in Michigan are pressured enough, I will be watching Steel Panther concert reruns on YouTube instead of seeing the show at Kewadin and I guess I will be ordering my American Eagle jeans online again instead of getting them at the Grand Traverse Mall.


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