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Island Market Owners Meeting With New Owners Next Week For Lunch/Greyhounds Confused When “Race Gun” Goes Off

When Is a Sale a Sale ?

Just by chance I bumped into the current owners of the Island Market Property Block yesterday as I was at The Wharf Coffee Shop as per my usual routine. I was taking photos for tomorrows blazing article when my name was called out. It just so happens they had read my two articles regarding their real estate listing.

I was then given some information about how sales work in real estate when it comes to commercial properties versus residential. Anyway to make a long story short I was told that even though SOLD was crossed over the property ad for sale in another publication, that there was still a transitioning period and hence a closing date, which is tentatively October 31. I was told that the deal is done and will go through and that “we are meeting with the new owners for lunch next week to discuss the transition”

Anyway, they also advised as did the realtor I spoke with that the new owners would like to make the announment on their own terms so I didn’t even ask for the name. I know right ! I should have at least asked because you never know……………but intuitively I guess I knew. 

There is a bit of a juicy backstory to all of this but I will hold back for now and when the right time comes I may write about it. 

1 vote Barry Elliott for Mayor October 24

Hounds Lose 4-1

Andrew Gibson

The Soo Greyhounds were dazed and confused when the gun went off and the gates swung open to start the 2022-23 regular season against the North Bay Battalion last night. During the first twenty minutes the Hounds went down 3-0 and couldn’t muster anything despite enjoying a two man advantage and a four minute power play. The Dogs couldn’t produce anything of offence and went into the dressing room to regroup.

Whatever the coaching staff said during the intermission certainly worked as the kids played a really good second period, but were still unable to put one past the North Bay netminder. It took the Hounds, who didn’t score during their last game, (exhibition) 45 minutes and one second to get on the board, when D man Andrew Gibson put one past the North Bay goalie with a shot from the point. An empty netter sealed the Hounds fate and that was as close as the Hounds came and dropped the first game of the season. 

It looks like scoring and offense are going to be something that will challenge the team early in the season. With that being said there were a few good takeaways to extract from the contest. Of surprise is that rookie defenseman Andrew Gibson provided more offensive swagger from the point than the forwards did. He ended the game with his marker in the third, four shots on goal,and an all around great debut from the rookie defenseman.

Connor Clattenburg who got the games 3rd star played a good game as well and it looked like he was looking to drop the mits on more than a few occassions; he seemed pretty jacked up for his first regular season game and may be the new version of last years Ty Anselmini with his aggresive passion. 

Kirill Kudryavstev added some great poise in front of goalie Charlie Schenkel and Charlie also played a really steady game after giving up 3 goals in the opening frame. 

I am hoping John Dean goes back to Schenkel as to get the kids used to knowing who their number one goalie is going to be. Last year it was back and forth and back and forth until Tynan (Tucker) came in; in my opinion a goalie needs the confidence to know he is who the team and coach are going to count on. It settles both goalies down as they are not on pins and needles thinking that if they don’t play a great game they are going to sit the next one. 

I think Sammy (Ivanov) is a good goaltender as well but I am leaning on Schenkel at this point as I think he deserved a better fate than being demoted last year. Just my opinion. 

Anyway the Hounds suit up again against the same Battalion tonight at 7:07 at the Memorial Gardens in the Soo. 

Go Hounds Go !!

Socials & Stuff

  • Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting 7pm October 7 / United Church Richards Landing Rear Entrance
  • Soo Greyhounds vs North Bay Batallion Oct 1 / 7:07pm Memorial Gardens SSM
  • Halloween Dance Oct 29 / Richards Landing Royal Canadian Legion 9 pm -1 am Call for Tickets (705) 246 2494
  • Fall Prediction Walk Run October 8 / 9 am more info @

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