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Now I Know Why Old People Like Antique Shops/Greyhounds Reverse Course Saturday Night !

My New Weekend Hobby

I am not one to enjoy browsing or shopping…. period. I don’t like the aggressive sales people or the fact that there are always too many things to chose from. I am a go in and get my stuff and get out kind a guy.

However, this weekend that may have changed as I decided to head to Bruce Mines for a Saturday afternoon venture. I was thinking of finding a trail to do some walking, and maybe stroll down the road and pop into a local coffee shop or something. Well, I did the coffee shop and walk thing but …. I did more. There was something that stood out and that something was signage for an antique store. “Why Not” I thought.

I entered the Bruce Mines Old Bank Antique Market and within about 5 minutes was quite impressed with what I could find. It was not just plates and tea cups from the late 1800’s or encased stamp collections; they had everything….records, 8 track tapes, wooden rocking chairs, vintage swag, and even a pinball machine. After almost buying everything, I decided to go outside, and low and behold,….. there was another one !!

Well, I didn’t want to make enemies so I went on into that one which is called Copper Town Treasures

This one had all the great goodies like the other shop did, such as, encased and crisp Canadian paper currency, a crank phone in a great wooden cabinet from the 1800’s, and many other interesting things that were floor to ceiling among the short people that were there.

Anyway, this is where I found my new hobby of collectables. A nice old Mexican man wearing a sombrero pointed them out to me. It was him; Miguel

No I am not human trafficking, that is just the name I am giving to my new salt shaker I just described. The colors are brilliantly bright and with all of the different ones to chose from I think this will compliment my coffee cup collection that is approaching 100 from all over the world. Yeah I know compliment is a stretch but hey…..they are both useful items you have in your kitchen right?  

Anyway that is what has been on my mind this morning and please don’t send hate mail; I know that it’s not just older people that enjoy antique shops; they (shops)  actually have quite a diverse following. It’s just now that I made the connection. 

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1 vote Barry Elliott for Mayor October 24

Greyhounds Win 6-4 With Reverse Start

After going down 3 goals in the first period in a 4-1 loss on Friday night, the Greyhounds turned the tables by leading 3-0 after one period on Saturday night en route to a 6-4 win in front of 3096 souls.

Standing out once again was rookie defenseman Andrew Gibson who picked up a goal and two helpers. A strong night up front was also had by newly aquired OA Mark Duarte who had a goal and an assist, and an all around great game was enjoyed by Tyler Savard who was a +4 on the night and chipped in with a goal and an assist of his own.

Sparkie (sparkplug)  aka Connor Clattenburg continued to force coach John Dean to play him as a rookie with another great performance. I was actually thinking to myself Saturday night that he is going to be the first Hound to get into a scrap this year and as God is my witness; he got into a tilt the next shift. Opposing players are going to dread being on the ice when this kid is, and are going to have to keep their heads up as Connor likes to dish out the bodychecks.

So far this year, I don’t think Charlie Schenkel has given up one soft goal and to me that would make it easy for the coaching staff when it comes to game night decisions on who to start. If your reading this Sammy (Ivanov); keep working hard in practice and when you get your chance, make the most of it.

Next up; Hounds entertain the Flint Firebirds in the Soo on Wednesday night. 


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