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Do You Not See How Racist We Are ? / Hounds Start Road Trip

Ouch !! This Might Hurt

Today is a good day and so good that I feel I can write about something that bothers me in our society; RACISM.

Without copying and pasting the definition, I will just take it for granted that most have a general understanding of what it means. The problem is that most know what it means and claim to not be a part of that purely terrible human trait, but I have news for you. There is a larger than acceptible percentage of us (Canadians) that are in this category. I remember growing up and learning about the racism in the US where people were hung from trees, burned to death, had to use separate washrooms, had to sit at the back of the bus etc etc, just because the pigment of their skin was dark. Disgusting right ? Yes and so is 21st century Canadians. I grew up where the terms n****r babies (black licorice), or n****r pile were as common as “car !!!!” when playing road hockey.

Since then, we as a society went ballistic to the opposite by the woke movement where you cannot have an opinion because you might hurt someones feelings. Terms like four eyes or fatso could get you in serious hot water at school these days as per “bullying”, and thus a 5 day suspension from school instead of the common sense approach of a detention after school, or writing lines, or a meeting with your parents and the principal to discuss why those comments are harmful. I was called four eyes as a kid by the way, and sure it sucked, but it is part of life and I survived. We can’t be protected in a bubble because it just leads us to be soft and have no backbone. Anyway, back on the topic of how society in the West are racist as ever.

Relating to what I have seen growing up; I have witnessed the constant rhetoric, especially from the United States, that Russia and its’ government were evil and to be feared. After the collapse of the Soviet Union the stand off subsided a bit, but as Russia got on her feet again, the constant Russia is bad and evil started to creep back in. The Russians were responsible for Killary Klinton not getting elected, the Russians were involved in this and that tampering, the Russians did this, the Russians did that………..that is all you here.

Moving on the the war in Ukraine where Russia did escalate the situation, everything Russia is off limits. Sanctioning a country is not new; it is part of the globlal system and sometimes it works….other times it is horrific such as sanctioning everything as per Cuba. Cuba has stood strong despite an embargo lasting decades. 

Anyway, currently Russian hockey players can’t play in world competitions, Russian ballet dancers cannot perform in the West, Russian citizens cannot travel or vacation in European countries, Russian music cannot be played in the West, Russian products cannot be sold to the West, etc etc etc………and all of you are on board with this racism. 

What does a hockey player or ballet dancer have to do with a war their government is involved with? Nothing. To say that it puts pressure on the gov’t is ridiculous. 

Our friends to the South have started or have been involved in wars in Iraq (on false pretenses), Vietnam, Syria (proxy), Libya, Yugoslavia, Nicarauga, Afghanistan and dozens more but nobody bats an eye; but as soon as Russia gets involvned….suddenly we turn into the most racist people of all. Aside from tarring and feathering them, we use nothing but durogatory terms to describe the “Russians” 

How can …”supposedly”….educated Westerners not see the obvious flaws in their character by characterizing another human being that lives in another country as bad or evil…..just because they are of Russian heritage? It boggles my mind.

 I am neither pro Russian or anti Russian. They are humans, just like the Ukranians, and Americans. I have no ill will to people of any country, race, colour, religioin etc etc. 

I don’t like certain countries governments or leaders, but in those countries, the people are just people and I would never derail a populace based on what their govt’ does. It is astounding that many people in my own country do though. 

Food for thought; our own government in Canada… all parties have lied to us and and rolled back our freedoms and rights in the past 2.8 years, soooooooooooooooooo……………….are all Canadians bad? If so that would mean….you ?


1 vote Barry Elliott for Mayor October 24

Dogs Spotted in Southern Ontario

Your Soo Greyhounds are in London Ontario at this moment where they are getting ready to play one of the top teams in the country that are projected to go far. It is early in the season and the Knights may not look like a championship team if you watch the game tonight; players may be at pro camps and Dale and Hunter is still moulding his kids for the long run. 

Make no doubt about it the Hounds need to play a full 60 minutes and if they do anything can happen.

 If this is your first time watching the kids this year, watch rookie Andrew Gibson on the backend as he has been the Hounds best player in every game so far in my opinion. After tonights game the Dogs head to Sarnia for a Sunday afternoon tilt, and then Windsor for a matinee as well Both games start at 2:05pm. Go Hounds Go 

Socials & Stuff

  • Meet Mayorial Candidate BARRY ELLIOTT @ the Black Bear Cafe Wednesday Oct 12 4-6pm
  • Alcoholics Anonymous Meets @ 7pm/Rear entrance United Church Fridy October 7
  • Legion Halloween Dance Oct 29/9pm-1am/Call for Tickets (705) 246-2494
  • Skye Wallace plays the Richards Landing Hall/Oct 29 @ 8pm
  • Are You Registered to Vote?/St. Joseph Township/(705) 246-2625
  • St. Joseph Township MEET THE CANDIDATES Q & A/Old Town Hall Richards St/Wednesday Oct 12 @ 7pm

4 thoughts on “Do You Not See How Racist We Are ? / Hounds Start Road Trip

  1. Rick says:

    Close to 70 people at the Richards Town Hall Candidates Meeting last night. Politeness and respect all around for a first class “information exchange”. Kudos to all involved, Candidates, Audience and Chamber of Commerce Volunteers.

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