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Greyhounds Will Only Win w/ Defense/Island Market New Owners to Keep Things the Same for Now/There Are More Graduates from the Greta Thunberg School of Dramatic Arts


A quick summary is this; a handful of anonymous people here and in the Soo have confirmed the identity of the new (Oct 31) owners of the Island Market and its’ properties. At this point the news is good. They are going to be maintaining both the grocery store and Moose Sweats/LCBO commercial businesses for now. I have confirmed that each part of the couple will be overseeing different venues. Mrs. will be focusing on the grocery store and Mr. will be focusing on the other two. It would appear that staffing will remain the same but as any new business owner will tell you; after a probationary period where they shadow their new baby, changes may occur. There may be new signage, new strategy, and even increased staffing. This is all par for the course. Anyway, if you were concerned about this transition that is taking place; you heard it here first, there should be no concern. I reached out to the current owners K/T (Ontario Inc #) to advise and request some correspondence from the incoming ownership, but at this time I have not received any

 Anyway, it is great news that the Island will be maintaining these services; I have heard these are very pleasant people who they did their walk about last week to meet the staff they will soon be overseeing. 

1 vote Barry Elliott for Mayor October 24


Last night the Hounds lost 3-2 in O/T to Peterborough, but on most nights when you only let in 2 goals during regulation time, you win. The problem is also that on most nights when you score only two goals you lose. Quite a predicament. 

If the Hounds keep playing a tight defensive game they will continue to make every team work for their points but that isn’t what the Hounds want. With attendance numbers very low (for this franchise) for the past season and into this one, they need wins to gain the revenue from the playoff games. The Hounds need wins and I am sure Raftis is not hoping for the kids to gel by Christmas. It is my hunch that even if Owen Allard was in the lineup this team would still be struggling up front. Heck we have 10 kids on the team playing in their first OHL season. Ryan Payette was correct to a point; this team is rebuilding. 

Anyway, I suspect and am watching the wire as well…….that Raftis is having conversations constantly to try and convince one of the two imports to report or even seeing who is out there as an import that he may be able to convince to report via a trade with another team. No stone should be unturned. 

The great news though is that Charlie Schenkel is proving that is deserved the slot of number one goalie and wherever this team goes this year, it will only be getting there with his solid play. Again last night, he was the teams best player. Keep it up kid !!

Scoring for the Hounds were O/A Mark Duarte and Jordan D’Intino. 

Next up is Barrie tonight at the Memorial Gardens. 


Climate Change is an agenda, and before you shake your head, all you have to do is scour the World Economic Forum website like I have because it is there. They have written that as part of Agenda 2030, it is part of the steps. 

Anyway……With regards to the title we have two more “kids” that are apparently young go getters doing things to attract your attention to the goals of climate change. I believe in a positive and healthy eco system and renewable and healthy energy just as any normal person does, but gradual and not forced by propaganda and child labor.. 

What I have a problem with is big business and corporations prostituting kids to appeal to the masses to get their goals achieved. Don’t tell me Thunberg and her “how dare you”, studied from 6 years of age to her teens to know all the answers to what is wrong with fossil fuels etc. It didn’t happen that way. 

She was groomed and I suspect a Young Global Shaper…..(Google It).  I also suspect these two kids are also part of the organization and are being used as props for the agenda. Who’s cell phone was filming them? How did they get unrestricted access to be in front of a priceless painting? You tell me. I suspect the painting was not the original and well….that is all I will say about this. As much as society is going in the tank; with wars everywhere…..leaders of state that can’t count or forget how to leave a podium, transgender teachers being allowed to sexualize the classrooms, and “family friendly” drag shows at elementary schools, the intentional use of kids to play on emotions for the gain of corporate greed should be appalling to most people.


It was really refreshing to not only cast my ballot of leadership of St. Joseph Township for the next four years, but that so many people were there taking in this great luxury that other countries may not have. By the sounds of things from people I talked to, there may be a big surprise coming. Thank for reading and enjoy your day ! 


  • $1 COFFEE !! Meet Candidate for Mayor Barry Elliott at The Wharf Coffee Shop on Monday (Oct 17) 10-2

    Alcoholics Anonymous Meets @ 7pm/Rear entrance United Church Every Friday


    Skye Wallace plays the Richards Landing Hall/Oct 29 @ 8pm


    Are You Registered to Vote?/St. Joseph Township/(705) 246-2625


    IMPORTANT / Please vote for your township / OCTOBER 24 !!!

  • Legion Halloween Dance Oct 29/9pm-1am/Call for Tickets (705) 246-2494


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