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Song of the Day by Barry/Beauty Under Your Feet and Above Your Head

God Exists !

My God or Your God; Buddha, Jesus, Allah, or The Creator; there is a divine presence behind everything we see and witness. If you don’t believe it I feel bad for you. Yes there are atheists out there and that is hard to understand but I pray for them. Hey I am no spiritual expert but every once in awhile I feel overwhelmed by what I see and can’t explain. 

Why are the colors so vibrant? Why are there so many shapes? Who designed this magnificent leaf that has billions of particles in its’ makeup? I love the autumn for many reasons from cooler air to the changing of the colors on the trees. This is why we are lucky here in Northern Ontario and this is why people from everywhere near and far, come to witness this beauty. 

From working in the tourism (in the past) industry I know that people that come from places like Arizona, or Florida, are blown away at the beauty of our seasons visually. The Agawa Canyon train brings people in for mainly one reason; the Fall Color Run. In the months of Sept to the first 10 days or so of October you can hardly get a hotel room in the Soo and many nights it is impossible. 

We are so lucky to be able to witness this every day and yesterday I decided to go nerd mode and capture a few for me and you. Have a great day.

Song of the Day !!!!

A moving song lyrically about persevering through hardships and sadness to which we all suffer from time to time. I don’t know why I thought of this song but I thought it fit in with the divine magic in the above. Enjoy your day !!!!!


How come the dove gets to be the peace symbol? How about the pillow? It has more feathers than the dove, and it doesn’t have that dangerous beak.

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    Skye Wallace plays the Richards Landing Hall/Oct 29 @ 8pm


    Are You Registered to Vote?/St. Joseph Township/(705) 246-2625


    IMPORTANT/Please vote for your township /Royal Canadian Legion/ OCTOBER 24 !!!

  • Legion Halloween Dance Oct 29/9pm-1am/Call for Tickets (705) 246-2494


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