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Interview With Skye Wallace/Alberta Premier Danielle Smith/Joke of the Day

Richards Landing Welcomes Skye Wallace This Saturday

In a matter of hours I will be speaking to Skye Wallace via Zoom to discuss what we can expect during her set this Saturday night at the Richards Landing Town Hall. As part of the Just Passing Through concert series Wallace and her band will be crossing the country to promote her new album Terribly Good which is set to be released on Friday. 

Wallace has been described as a “national treasure” by SAD MAG. Her music and sound has an eclectic acoustic vibe with vocals that cross the universe of Patti Smith to Sarah McLaughlin, to even the late Dolores O’Riorden (The Cranberries). 

Getting familiar with her music I have a feeling that Juliana Hatfield and Alanis Morrissette may have influenced this young singer; I will have to ask her during our chat.

Out of the songs I have sampled recently, I have to say I was really impressed with her version of The Killers classic Somebody Told Me…..and I really hope she puts that in her setlist this weekend.  

Wallace has toured not only with Crown Lands who dropped by this summer, but also with one of my favorite indie artists Matt Mays. 

Click HERE after 7pm today to watch the interview or go to my YouTube channel Border City Rock Talk.

Finally A Leader Who Is Not Paid Off to Lie

Danielle Smith is working for the best interests of Albertans and not her own agenda. This is obvious as she calls out the WEF and its’ group of elites that were NOT ELECTED but wield incredible influence over how we live.

I have followed this cabal for about 5 years now and well……. can we ask her to annex Ontario so she can represent us? ….you know the people?

Please watch the below video to see what a real leader looks like.

Joke of the Day

Joe bumps into Mike at the mall while shopping. Since they are both waiting in line, Mike asks Joe if he has been golfing lately as he has not been seen on the links for quite some time. 

Joe responds ” well you know I used to golf every day with Dino but well……….when a guy tries to cheat and move the ball closer to the hole a few inches when you are not looking it is hard to enjoy yourself with someone like that” He pauses and then continues:

“I’m assuming that is why Dino will not golf with me anymore”

Ha ha….have a great day ~

Socials & Stuff

Alcoholics Anonymous Meets @ 7pm/Rear entrance United Church Every Friday

Skye Wallace plays the Richards Landing Hall/Oct 29 @ 8pm

Legion Halloween Dance Oct 29/9pm-1am/Call for Tickets (705) 246-2494

Comedian Derek Seguin/Soo Blaster/Nov 11 & 9pm

Steel Panther/Kewadin Casino/November 26


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