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Trudeau on the Ropes/Hounds on the Road/Skye on Her Way


If you have been following closely the OJ Simpson trial of 2022 you will know that things are not looking good for Justin Trudeau. 

Even die hard Liberals are facing the revelation that Canadians freedoms and rights were not needed to be trampled on by invoking the Emergencies Act. Brian Lilley from the Toronto Sun sums it up beautifully. The EA was not needed and confirmed via commission testimony by RCMP, Ottawa Police, etc. Trudeau bullied and used his leverage to force it to be used and thus costing Canadians $billions in damage via lawsuits that are forthcoming. 

While people may complain that honking horns caused them trauma; they fail to use common sense that forced mandates and people losing their jobs because they decided what not to put in their body was actual trauma. Many many of these people have had their jobs given back to them as the courts have decided that this discrimination was not scientifically justified as we are seeing the evidence come out now. 

About 8 weeks ago Conservative MP Michelle Rempel-Garner commented that with the low approval rating of Trudeau, he may be forced to call an early election. I think that this is becoming more and more of a possibility and going against Pierre Poilievre would be a nightmare.


Hounds Look To Build On Good Play

The Hounds open up a road trip tonight in Peterborough and are looking to get more jiggy with it. They have been playing great defensively over the past 4 games by keeping the goal count down and playing all teams to extra time. The last four games the Hounds have at least earned a point by losing in the 5 minute OT on three occasions and the shootout the last one. 

The problem the Hounds will try to solve is not letting the games go that far by scoring more goals. I believe in time the scoring will come as the Hounds are one of the youngest teams in the league.

Tonight Tyler Savard returns from his 4 game suspension and that will be a bonus for the Dogs. 

I have a hunch that if the Hounds don’t solve this problem in the next 2 or 3 weeks, Kyle Raftis will be forced to make some kind of move. Raftis and Dean (John) do not agree to rebuilding and will want to compete for a title of some sort this year whether it is even as per the West Division. Playoff revenue is needed and every game counts. With dismal attendance (compared to the last 10 years) over the last year and a bit, and an ownership team that paid many employees during the pandemic when revenue was not coming in are not going to settle for rebuilding this year. 

I am curious how talks are going between Kyle and the Import selections they have on their plate from Germany and Sweden. Both players are still listed as actively playing and under contract.  Julian Lintz is playing for EHC Munchen but in 15 games so far for the team; Lintz has only dressed in 6 of those. It could be injury or the numbers game. If it is the latter I would hope Raftis is pushing his agency (Lintz’) that he would be better off to develop playing every night here in North America. On the Noel Nordh front it appears that the chances for the Greyhounds to get him over here are slim as he has dressed for all 14 of Brynas IF J20 games so far this season.

Let’s hope something happens because as enjoyable as it is watching the Hounds compete; it would be nice for them to start winning again. We have been used to this for at least the last 10 years or so. 

Richards Landing Town Hall This Saturday

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Alcoholics Anonymous Meets @ 7pm/Rear entrance United Church Every Friday

Skye Wallace plays the Richards Landing Hall/Oct 29 @ 8pm

Legion Halloween Dance Oct 29/9pm-1am/Call for Tickets (705) 246-2494

Comedian Derek Seguin/Soo Blaster/Nov 11 & 9pm

Steel Panther/Kewadin Casino/November 26


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